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@theblindsquirl, My heart goes out to you and your family. I truly hope that the progress continues and your wife continues to get better.
I know from first hand experience that you probably have suggestions coming "out of your ears" and this is probably just another know it all trying to put in his 2 censt worth.
A friend of mine recently had liver cancer and was told "Chemo is the only thing to help". Knowing what is in the Chemo therapy she declined saying "if I am going to die, it won't be getting somebody wealthy". Like you all she did the Vitamin C treatment and she had another "old home remedy" which was called "Black Salve" or "Blood Root". It comes from a flowering plant that when the roots are broken the sap looks like blood. I believe the place she got capsules from is in Australia called "chickety poo" or something like that. Two years later, totally cancer free. She continues a 1 capsule a month regimen just as a precaution.
Never give up, that is the main thing. hundreds of years ago, people healed themselves as the doctors were to far away. Hoping for the BEST, prayers sent your way!


Thanks @mitch94541.

We're trying anything that sounds reasonable and I'll look into it.

She's drinking essiac tea 2x daily, we've started on a very strict diet, we've got Amla, Apricot Kernals, Chaga mushroom extract and a ton of other things we're trying.

I must make a correction, the name of the place is "Tickey Boo" and it's on facebook. Read all the posts and fair warning, some of the photos are kind of gross.
From what I read from you, you are doing everything right. Remember, we were healing ourselves before there were doctors and we still can...