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Good day to all my fellow steemians!

Well,Today I will share with you all,and I know that when you seeing this picture ,you're craving like this and your thought is running to the most favorite malls where you gonna like to stay for a while,while you indulging your mind and body to this unstoppable and irreplaceable moment with the favorite halo halo ice cream,it is perfect place and time for the summer because if you are here in the philippines I know you can't escape the very heat of the sun.


And your mind is alaways finding the right place to standby during the day,its so nice to be in the cool places like malls where you can easily go in and out,and eating into your favourite fast food chains.

That was Thursday afternoon while go on window shopping because you know on month of March the students are very busy copping thwir projects and etc,the parwnts also busy for paying any unpayable accounts in order to clear the accounts in school and preparing the clothes to wear on Recognition day or Graduation day.While doing those things we feel thirst and little bit hungry that's why we hang this favorite fast food chains here in Mactan Lapu-Lapu city for awhile,while thinking on how to budgets our money.I know almost everyone can relate this situation of mind.

Thank you all

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