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Hey Steem! Nick here.

If You like Music with No Words, While Reading Here you go:


  • Also Called Rebooting is a term meaning Abstinence From Sexual Behaviors: Sex, Porn, Masturbation for 90 Days or Longer.
  • Thousands of people have already done Rebooting and here are Documented Benefits of No Fap.

Benefits Of No Fap:

Foreword: I have started rebooting and so far on day 15 and Still am Very dedicated to make it to 90 Days, it's not very easy! Takes Discipline. (that might sound really funny) But I mean it, It Takes Discipline! It getting harder and harder since i can literally see testosterone triggers everywhere😅

1. Energy Levels.

  • People who have gone thru Rebooting Documented Distinctive Higher Energy Levels.
  • 28 No Fappers Documented in Average 47.5% Increase in Testosterone Levels.
  • It takes a lot of Energy for Body to Produce Sperm.
  • Think about it, Sperm and an Egg Cells have what it takes to Create a LIFE.

Fun Fact: "The Surge"

  • The Surge Starts in average after first 10 Days!
  • That Will Be your Biggest "Test"
  • Lasts anywhere from 5-10 Days.
  • After the Surge it Becomes a lot easier...

2. LIBIDO Thru The Roof.

  • Imagine Libido as a Sexual Fuel Tank. Feel up the Tank while Rebooting!

3. Self-Confidence.

  • Your Self Confidence Will Skyrocket as well.
  • You Will Go For the Win.
  • Especially Approaching women will Become a lot easier.
  • Even when Among your Male friends you Will be more Confident than you already Are!

4 - Most Important:

You Will Really Stop Objectifying Women.

  • When You are Constantly watching Porn, you see women having Sex.
  • So Most of the time what happens is: a person starts Connecting women Mostly to Sex.
  • Looking at Women only on the Physical level. Thinking would I bang her?
    P.s. For Ladies: Most men do this.
  • Instead, after rebooting You are not as Addicted to the feeling of "the release".
  • Most NonFapers Found themselves actually getting to know women.
  • Which Makes You More Likely to Find the Right Spouse for Yourself, supposing you don't have one already.

5. Self Control

  • You Will Practice Discipline and Self-Control which are very helpful to Have!
  • Going Through the Surge will really test your Discipline.
  • So I highly Suggest you Cut Yourself out of looking at women, at least naked, or Promiscuously Closed.

Fun Fact #2: Flatlining

Flatlining is When you stop having Sexual Urges for Days.

  • It might be Even Scary for "experienced" masturbators.


  • I Highly Recommend you Doing a Reboot! It is Beneficial on Every level.

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You are a young man and you probably don't have much life experience. I do not say this disparagingly, though. Not at all. Every middle-aged man such as myself has once been young.

You list increased self-confidence thus having easier time approaching women and libido through the roof as benefits. At your age, a man is likely to make the most serious mistakes regarding women in his life. Overestimating what they have to offer is one of them. Now, what do I mean by that? NOT that we should devalue people of the female sex because of their sex. What I mean is that as members of their sex they are likely to follow biological imperatives and have goals and preferences differing from yours. In time, you will find out how this will play out in multiple different ways in your relationships with women.

If a man gets too seriously involved with a woman in his twenties, say, marries one, let alone gets her pregnant, he will severely limit his opportunities in life. In his early twenties a man is full of potential and has little knowledge of himself. He has a whole decade ahead in which he should explore the world and get to know himself. A young man should get an education, try out different lines of work, travel the world, get to know people and places, and, above all, decide what he wants from life and what he doesn't. For example, your twenties is the best time of your life to found a startup as you have few obligations and all the time in the world.

Chasing sex and love is what your instincts are screaming at you to do. What you should really do is to develop your potential to the full. If you succeed women will be chasing you.


Truly appreciate your effort on writing this .You have several good points.But i have my own vision in this specific case .thank you

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So you just copy paste the previous post and changed the title from 11 to 15 days?
At least try to give us some more content.
I want to support you, I totally want to support you but you don't give me reasons to do it.


would you gently unfollow me? I would really appreciate that . Don't wanna even try to argue with that .


I was just trying to give you my feedback, listening to others is good sometimes. I am not trying to be bad, just providing an opinion in case you want to filter some feedback. I may be wrong on that, but I am just putting myself in your shoes and in your position I would like to get some constructive feedback from my followers. If you don't, I have no problem to stop my attempts.


I get it , but i don't like the way you approaching even in previous comments , i appreciate your effort ,you have your our vision and position about constructive feedback and i have mine .
Im sincerely asking you to just forget about my page and keep hustling in your way.Good luck!


I would really like to read your thoughts for the way you see is the right approach for constructive feedback. If you don't want to take me, or any other person that will tell you something negative about your content, into consideration it's your option and I respect it.

I'm going to oppose this view vehemently. First of all there is no scientific evidence to support your even one of your claims. Secondly you come off as a jerk to many when you conflate masturbation with porn or objectifying women.

Masturbation for the younger populus is akin to getting to know one's own sexuality, and an important, but easy way to relieve sexual stress.

Be happy you still can masturbate, because one day you may find out you can't. With or without a partner.