Snuggle Up To Your Inner Airportness - The Airport Is More Than A Place - It's A State Of Mind.

in life •  3 years ago 

The airport to me is more than just a place where I sit as I travel - it's almost like a state of mind - a state all by itself.

There is an ambience of airportness which I embrace as I travel - an enlightenment that transcends all. It has nothing to do with watching the people movers or even the security guards who we discount - without even looking at their faces.

Airportness is how we enmesh ourselves in a place where travel is seen as something we've learned to live with. All flights appears to come naturally to us - like we are a birds of the air. I must admit I fully embrace my airportness in full mindfulness. Even the destination becomes part of the airportness too.

So next time your bored and wondering why your staring into space sitting in a stale airport lounge, you might just be starting to embrace your inner airportness.

Safe travels!


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Big Airport

Dubai International Airport - my favourite in ALL of the world!

Mine too! I love the Duty Free there.

...especially the canned Kraft cheese!

Steem On!

Racing to the BIG 5K post!

That is Awesome @mindhunter,
Do You Plan To Sell Your Account?
I Mean 5k Posts!,
That Is Like Really Awesome!

I should sell my account on eBay. It'll grow into a nice little earner one day....(maybe!???)

I wonder at what price I should start bids? $0.01? (no pun intended!)


I curse I didn't take that as my username!

Reminds me of the REM song "Airportman"!

A great tune of corporate loneliness!

Isn't just airportness just another form of airport mindfulness?

Yes! + the feeling of being part of the natural airport process.

P.S. I wear earplugs at all airports to reduce stress and enhance mindfulness :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Time flies in another way at airports. You see thousands of lifes and stories passing around you..

I love to watch the mundane business traveller - another salesman on his way to his next sales target - sallow skin - shallow breathing.

Great opportunity awaits - Airport fluorescent -Creature of habit.

That looks like Dubai airport. Is it? Dubai airport has a life within itself.
I think I was born with airportness. Definitely one of my favourite places to be. It doesn't matter if I'm traveling, dropping off or collecting someone. There's just something about airports.

It certainly is Dubai airport. Airports are places where you see the true raw face of humanity!

True on both counts @thecentreofitall

True that.

Airports - ahh the energies there! Love going a little early when picking someone up and watching people run and hug, all happy and smiley! And that's my Dubai :-D

I still curse the day I joined Steemit and didn't take the @airportman username! GRRRR!