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   In our youth, we thought that anything was possible, that we could soar with the eagles and dance with the sprites. Yet as we all get older we establish our own personal cage of limitations and in doing this, we trap our imagination and cast aside all that we dreamed. While this may ground us in a state of reality, it also cancels things that could be. Getting rid of that cage is empowering and the results can astound anything that we thought.  

  How and what we think and believe determines if our creative life energy is free or not free to flow into any idea we may hold. Sometimes nothing blocks the free flow of our energy and we are totally free to express ourselves. At other times, our mind prevents the free flow of our energy and the energy must be called forth from something external to us or we must rearrange our thinking to allow it to flow.  

  It needs to be realized heaven and hell are here and now. If we are in heaven, our creative life energy is free and it is available to create whatever we desire. If we are in hell, we cannot free our energy and we are stuck in the past. We have little freedom to create something new. Yet, hell is only a cage of our own making. No one holds us to the past but ourselves. We hold the key to our own freedom or imprisonment. No one can unlock the door to our cage but ourselves  

"People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them." - James A. Baldwin

  Sometimes the best we can do is to move little tiny steps forward. I know that it’s hard, like you are carrying a huge extra weight, but you can do this. You are not alone.  

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Great post and reminder. Thanks <3

Such a nice piece of writing.
Following u, would love to be followed back :)

Wow... really good post! I've been saying heaven and hell are states of mind for many years now. It is so important not to dwell on the past but to learn the lesson and keep moving forward.

Great Post! Nadiya Thank You For Sharing.

Very nicely said!