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Child Sexual Relationship with Postpartum Depression


Researchers found that women whose children were boys are more likely to have postpartum depression. Postpartum depression (PND) usually occurs in one in every 10 women, and the results of recent studies indicate that one The most important factors are having a baby boy. PND is a type of depression that many parents experience after having a baby.

Researchers at the University of Kent in the UK, investigating postpartum depression, found that there was a risk of depression among mothers whose children were boys compared to those who had a daughter's daughter , 79% more and the most important factor is the change in the chemical balance of the brain. The results showed that people who had physical complications associated with childbirth had a 174% increase in postpartum depression. This study was among 296 The woman was shown and showed up in mothers who have a son son to Dan It's almost twice as likely to have postpartum depression and it's tripling in mothers who have problems with giving birth. In this situation, people should not wait for the symptoms to disappear by themselves and they should consult with their physician. They do.

The lack of support for close relatives, poor relationship with the spouse and mental problems can increase this risk.

The most important symptoms of postpartum depression are sadness and lack of enjoyment, insomnia tiredness, lack of concentration, lack of communication with the child, horrific thoughts such as harm to the child and the inability to make appropriate decisions.

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