why meditate

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Meditation is a practice or intellectual exercise that seeks to enhance attention and awareness in the present moment. Whatever the reason why a person decides to start meditating, always leads to a mental and physical state of serenity, inner peace, concentration and creativity.
Studies reveal that more than 30 million people practice meditation and then I will tell you what its benefits are:
. Stimulates the immune system
.Improves blood pressure
. Increase positive emotions
. Increase memory and attention
. Increase resilience in difficult times
.Reduces anxiety, stress and depression
.Increases social relations

What are you waiting for to dedicate a few minutes of your day to meditation?

Your body and mind will thank you

come on

La meditacion es una practica o ejercicio intelectual que busca potenciar la atencion y la conciencia en el momento presente. Sea cual sea el motivo por el que una persona decide empezar a meditar, simpre la conduze a un estado mental y físico de serenidad, paz interior, concentración y creatividad.
Estudios revelan que mas de 30 millones de personas practican la meditacion y a continuacion te dire cuales son sus beneficios:
. Estimula el sistema inmunologico
.Mejora la tension arterial
. Incrementa las emociones positivas
.Incrementa la memoria y la atencion
.Incrementa la resiliencia en momentos dificiles
.Disminuye la ansiedad, estres y depresion
.Incrementa las relaciones sociales

Que esperas para dedicarle unos minutos de tu dia a la meditacion?

Tu cuerpo y mente te lo agradeceran


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very nice.

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thanks for your Congratulations

Nice post.. @mile07









Hi! I tried to meditate many times but it never works out. I have so many thoughts I can't get rid of my mind... I know it's very good for body and mind and i know I have to try harder ;-)


Do not get discouraged, look inside yourself for the motivation to do it, little by little.


'little by little' I have to remember his - believe this is the key to success...

Meditation in general is a good thing. I agree. What if you don't have time, oppotunity or quietness around you?


You can look for a space outside the house, or before sleeping, start with 10 min.

Love to meditate , daily practice for me!



Thanks for translating this into English, it helps a lot :)

Hola mile , me gustaría invitarte a nuestra comunidad, apreciamos a los stemians que se destacan con post creativos y de contenido valioso, pásate por el último post que compartí para que entres al enlace #steemfamilyhi


mychas gracias feliz por tu invitacion

Great post tnx for sharing i just upvoted check out my new post steemitalltheway



Me iniciaré en el mundo de la meditación pronto. Gracias por esos tips :) Te sigo


gracias a ti.

Eso era lo que necesitaba hoy meditar mucho y que que hacerlo rodeado de la madre naturaleza , muy buen post me encanto @mile07



Realmente, y mas ahora, la necesidad de Meditar!! Ya sea por razones de Salud, de conciencia o de hasta incrementar nuestros círculos sociales. Unos minutos de Meditación al dia, alimentará nuestro cuerpo, mente y alma!! Muy bueno tu post!!


es asi amiga estamos llamados a practicarlo diariamente

Meditation is another way of relaxing the muscles and also the mind. Anyone that meditate could be creative at a moment and also very sensitive. Nice write-up dear.



Thanks for sharing


thanks to you for reading it

Excelente información no he meditado pero te cuento que me causa interes el tema de hecho, creo que es super importante pa la salud mental y fisica

I'm looking forward to see more posts! Have a great day and have fun. Welcome!

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I want to meditate. Do you do any kind of meditation?


I am currently practicing meditation vipassana

muy bueno,@mile07 porque estamos viviendo en un mundo en el cual vivimos mas estresado que nunca, hay que animarse a meditar para conseguir esa paz perdida...


gracias @victoz

great post. I am an energy healer. I can feel the flow or stagnation of life energy in others. People ask how I came to this "trick."
Everything good in my life has been a result of mediation; tapping into the source of all creation and consciousness. When I sit still and shut up, the world opens up inside of me. It is there for us all. thank you