Clouds of Saturday

in life •  7 months ago


Atleast once in a summer we have to go pole fishing and last Saturday it was almost perfect day for that,if a little windy.
We didn't catch much despite the fancy storebought worms, but it was pretty nice out there. We hang out for few hours sipping beer on a pier and ended up going to a bar afterwards. On my way home(not so late) i caught this fiery dancer with my phone. Little fluff for the heavy days after, feeling a little old.


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Isn't it a good thing that you didn't catch anything. Otherwise it would have been slightly inconvenient going to the bar with the fishes. Unless of course the fishes are good bar companions. :)


haha they might be. i did caught few small perches and roaches to let go/ enough to get my hands smelly, so it was a little awkward. we met some friends at the bar who had skipped fishing, so there was plenty of talk

Not much Nordic darkness these days...


yeah, It will be over soon though :D


It will and that is the time we will get out of our holes and indulge in murky blackness

so fantastic place :D


It is pretty nice :)

Wow the second picture looks magical :) Awesome shots!


Thank you,only a little glimpse of how beautiful it was