A good debate here. Spread this knowledge, know your rights because there are those who try to infringe on em

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Some things to know before debating on my incident last week...keep in mind:
1-Travel is NOT a privilege but a fundamental RIGHT of LIBERTY granted by the Constitution. The right to travel under the RIGHT to life,liberty, & pursuit of happiness! Legislation does not have power to deny a citizen the right to travel upon highways & roads to transport his/her property in the ordinary course of ones business or pleasure. This right maybe Regulated - meaning traffic safety enforcement,stop signs,traffic lights & etc. The right to travel is a part of the liberty of which the citizen CAN NOT be deprived without due process of law under the 5th Amendment.
The American citizen DOES indeed have the alienable RIGHT to use the roadways unrestricted in ANY manner as long as they ARE NOT damaging or violating property or rights of another citizen. The claim & exercise of a constitutional right CAN NOT be converted into a crime. Traveling freely,going about one's daily activities, is the exercise of the most basic right.

Whether your a state police, township police, judge, lawyer, even a doctor, there are oaths that one takes before starting your training or starting the job that requires an oath, they have to abide by it! The doctor's oath is different since it's in the medical field & some of that oath for a doctor is... Regardless of the patient having insurance or not, they provide treatment. They took an oath to save lives for the better of humanity. But this article isn't about the medical field.
There is a different oath for the police force that operate in this nation whether it be state police,township or borough police of the United States of America takes an oath before joining the force & they CAN NOT violate that oath since they are BOUND by it from ARTICLE 6 of the Constitution. Police can violate it because some believe wearing that badge makes them right & they are above the law. That is a BIG NO NO! The rights of the people are all equally the same & there for, no special rights for no one.

     Last week or so, my wife & I along with our daughter and her nephew which we were all wearing seatbelts was traveling from our place in Pennsylvania to my wife's parents home in Maryland which is about 1hr & 10 mins give or take. A Washington township police man pulled me over. I asked why he pulled me over and he said my tag has expired on 2-2017. Which it was. Gave him my driver's license and insurance, I have insurance but it too expired on the end of July. I have insurance just my car doesn't have a registration since I haven't got anything in the mail. Anyways, the officer commemorated us for wearing seatbelts but gave me a $180 traffic citation.
   I feel that the police officer violated his oath by pulling me over and giving me a $180 traffic citation due to the simple fact that there were no signs stating I was driving in an area where there was seatbelt checks. Also,  A license check or roadblock is ILLEGAL since you DO NOT have to have these things. 

Why do you have to have permission for something that is your RIGHT?

I really would like some thoughts on this. This knowledge isn't put out there for us to know so the people can't exercise it when the time is needed to exercise em.. This kind of stuff is hidden from public & some of those of authority forget that there is a supreme law of the land and the oaths that are taken is to uphold & protect that supreme law of the land & the people of the nation.

Re-steem this, up vote this, comment on this. Spread it so those who don't know, do know true knowledge & the power of true knowledge.

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I like your thoughts. Sometimes we get intimidated, especially if we don't know our rights. In this case, it was especially clear. And then there is the background of police brutality and Black Lives Matter that just complicates things. Plus now the Charlottesville protests.

Thanx, yeah the Charlottesville protests is i don't know. Lol. I mean to me pulling down statues of general Lee, why not do George Washington and others since they too are part of history. George Washington was a Freemason so he had secrets. Back then America was what it is today, divided. I guess now it's going to be conquer next.

Yeah makes sense.