End of an Empire

in #life7 years ago

I write this story to you all with mixed feelings. I actually would like to pose a question to you all:

Do you ever feel like you can see something so clear that it's almost hard to ignore?

Well this is how I have been feeling for the last seven years.

I became aware of what was really happening in the world seven years ago when I felt let down after I voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

This led me down the rabbit hole of conspiracy. And what a hole it is.

You learn about things like the Federal Reserve, the false flags attacks that governments pull in order to get their citizens to go along with a war or losing more of their rights, the scam that is the pharmaceutical industry, the absolute joke of the public education system, the fact that most politicians are pedophiles, the government spraying poison into the air we breathe, corporations monopolizing the food industry keeping us limited to eating genetically modified food, and the monopolization of the media controlling the information that many people receive.

Unless you have the intelligence, the heart and the guts to really dive into this rabbit hole, it can drive you mad. This is why many people choose not to do so. They choose the path of ignorance and apathy.

But what I see, what a small percentage of humanity sees, is that we are reaching the end of an empire. And this is nothing new.

We have been to this dance before. We have went through the Sumerian Empire, Assyrian Empire, Egyptian Empire, Babylonian Empire, Medo-Persian Empire, Greek Empire, Roman Empire, British Empire, and now today, we have reached the American Empire.

One thing you have to realize is that empires are only concerned with one thing: MAINTAINING ITS OWN POWER.

The empire doesn't care about its citizens in the least.

Yet the citizens will swear up and down that the empire has their best interests at heart. Even going so far as to attack those who try to blow the whistle on the empire.


Because of this, I greatly dislike the public. Most of them can't think outside of the TV or their government indoctrination. And this is what will lead them to their demise.

You can be stupid sometimes. But if you choose to be stupid every time, that comes back to bite you in your butt.

I'm not being mean and only that small percentage that I spoke of will see that.

The rest of you I'm sorry to say will have an unpleasant surprise waiting for you. It will be at that moment you will say: "Oh my God, it's true!" But then it will be too late.

America is on life support and the plug is about to be pulled. Hurricane Harvey (engineered through H.A.A.R.P.) leveled Houston and now its citizens are between a rock and a hard place. Now Hurricane Irma is on its way to the east coast of America and is predicted to be as high as a Category 7!

I am not one of these types to be pushing fear, but I do believe in being cautious.

If you believe in God or any higher spiritual power SEEK HIM NOW. Because in the end, that may be all you have left when the smoke clears.


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