What's something you've done that you're reasonably confident you are the only person on steemit to have done?steemCreated with Sketch.

in #life3 years ago (edited)

To start it off I've got a massage by an elephant in Thailand :)


This should be fun to hear your stories.

But remember this is on the blockchain and so don't confess to anything bad or illegal. Try to keep it fun and unique.



I ate an Insidious Gomphidius. I think I'm the only person to write about it on the whole Internet, not just Steemit, lol.

Lol, yes after seeing what that is I think you got this one. :p

I picked my teeth with a porcupine quill.

The image in my head is that after a good meal you whistle for spike to come over and you pick a nice quill from his body.

Unless it was porcupine stew. 😎

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