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Hello and good day Steemians! today, I will share with you how I overcome FEAR. Naturally, we all have Fears it depends on how you handle it. There's lot of fears we might face in our daily life, the common fears that we encounter is our SELF the lack of self confidence.

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Basically, the fear for of the things that you knew that you should do but it never happened because you did not do it. you are SCARED. Scared of being rejected, scared of the results that you are not good enough to do it, scared that you might look stupid of the things that you do.


How I overcome it? Very simple. PLAN and BELIEVE in yourself that you can do it. There no other person in the world that can help you except yourself. Always believe in yourself, the more you believe in yourself the more you conquer Fears.


Know the things you wanna do.Take deep breath, calm down in seconds and then DO the things that you wanna do. Its impossible to think if your worried with fears but if you already knew what you should do and you do it in the right way. The negativity of our mind will be blast off for doing the right things. Avoiding your fear makes you scarier but facing it makes you courageous and confident.

Thank you for reading and dropping by, I'm open to any comments and feed backs.

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like you, everyone of us, have fears and doubts in life, but the most important is how you handle every those struggles.


great acronym! thanks!


I second demotion with you @febradaytamarra.