Grateful to God

in #life5 years ago

I pondered on life and how far this year has gone by and all I could say is "Thank you, Lord God"
The year 2019 ain't over yet, so no point giving up on it...

Eleventh hour is the miracle hour

Our Lord God has been so merciful and kind in all ramifications of my life.
I also thankful for the many blessings and favours received despite my unfaithfulness


Gratitude begets altitude and thus, been grateful with Thanksgiving to God is a sure way to praise his faithful name beyond Earth.
2019 will end in joy and blessedness. Our Lord God will bless the works of our hands this year and beyond.
I pray we shall see the end of this year and not our end.


Precious Father, Lord God we thank you for your benevolence and altruism despite our many shortcomings. Forgive our sins with your mercy and compassion help us never to return to any displeasing act or conduct again. May we seek to walk in your pathways at all times in our life. May your exceeding grace locate and direct us. Amen

What are you grateful to God about in 2019?

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