If you fall in the middle of a test you get up with more strength!

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Life is full of teachings and there is no better way to learn than living an experience that puts you to the limit and illustrates what is happening and how you should act next time. It does not matter if you fall, because surely you will rise with more strength again.

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They will make you stronger and you will have a clearer mind later. You push yourself harder to continue walking the path of your life, and you will not allow anything or anyone to stop you from continuing. Well sometimes you need to stop to rest and learn a lesson.

Those who think in a positive way have the ability to deaden anxiety, apathy, irritability.
They also know how to motivate themselves and how to behave better by adopting these positive thoughts in the face of the different situations to which they have to face. In this way, we increase our personal values, our confidence in ourselves and, therefore, our self-esteem.

When you have plans and begin to execute them, do not be afraid to fall and fail if you have ever lived it, take out your full potential and start painting a new path full of new ideas and positive thoughts.

It is very important that we keep in mind that the memory works associatively, that is to say, as soon as a data appears, it will surely cause the arrival in cascade of one idea after another and with the new ideas we will associate other data and knowledge.

Really, never give up, never give no war, no battle for loss. Grow before the difficulties, look for that lighthouse that guides you when the night is so dark and the sea is so upset, that you think that crashing against the cliff, is the only thing that can happen. Reveal yourself, do not give up, fight, and if you fall, you get up, learn and keep moving forward.

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Hello friends this is my first post in this area, I hope you like it and be useful to the community greetings @michelduartes.

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I did enjoy your post. Good advice. I will say easier said than done. You say never give up. I used to agree. I just think over time you get beat up so much there is no fight left.


Our fight is with our confidence, forgiveness can be a powerful scar for the soul, good luck!