The rules of success from the richest man in the world

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Andrew Carnegie arrived in America in 1848 and had only one dollar and in 1901 became the richest man in the world. At the height of his riches and success, he met a journalist named Napoleon Hill who was interested in recounting the stories of successful people around the world.


Carnegie found talent at Napoleon Hill so in 1908 he decided to include him and make him one of the most important businessmen of his time. He then wrote a lot of books on how to succeed and his rules and how to achieve the revolution, all inspired by his great mentor Andrew Carnegie, who believed and adopted.

The richest man in the world:

These are the ten rules of success that Hill implemented and learned from Andrew Carnegie, the richest man in the world in 1901.

1- Select your goal:

Make a plan and start implementing it immediately.

2- Make the team and the appropriate relationships around you:

Start forming relationships and grouping team members who possess skills and needs that you do not own.

3- Do the utmost in your effort:

Doing what you want to achieve is the right price for success and you should put your team in a state of commitment and commitment to the project

4- Training and practice:

You must strengthen your confidence in yourself and trust in your goal so this will be the faith required for success.

5- Have the entrepreneurial spirit:

Since you know very well what to do, do so without asking you.

6- Unleash your imagination:

Dare to imagine your dream as it stands before you and how happy you are. Then

7- Launch your enthusiasm:

Positive emotions put you on the path to success and make you win the respect of others.

8- Think carefully:

To think carefully means to have the ability to separate truth from fiction and how to use these facts to cure problems.

9- Focus your efforts:

You should beware of distractions that may distract you from completing the task you must do.

10- Extract the grant from the ordeal:

You must draw wisdom from every failure or problem you go through.


these are some great tips! commitment! that is what i wanted to hear!

He was such a visionary and legend. What he did for education is not compare able. CMU is one of the top universities in the world.
Just because of Nepolean Hill we know a lot of stuff about Carnegie now. I am reading Nepolean's law of success.

Andrew Carnegie was a great man who created wealth not only for himself and his family but for many others. His contributions to libraries still resonates today. We can learn a lot from this legend. Thank you for sharing this. Upvoted!

i will think carefully and start achieving my goal thanks for sharing :)

He was undoubtedly hardworking person and his strategies to make big money works and obviously he was a lucky guy! I found him as an idol and inspiration for we young!

Thank you for summarising so beautifully the 10-point success tips from a great mind. I can only add that in all of these, there must also be 'a burning desire, backed by action' for success to happen.

@michaelmorcos Thanks a great deal.

Followed and resteemed.

I was born in Brooklyn NYC, my peoples are from Brownsville,Brooklyn... Brownsville is one of the worst hoods in NYC let alone America. The neighborhood was ounce a hub for immigrants coming to NYC from abroad but during the gentrification that took place it turned into a war zone... I lived on Mother Gaston Blvd and down the block from my projects stands the Brooklyn's children library. That library was the hangout spot for my mother and for many other kids growing up in Brownsville. The library always stood out to me, mainly because of its design. Turns out the library was made by Mr Carnegie in 1914 and to this day it stands intact serving the community for over 100 years!! Mr Carnegie was like the peoples grandpa, he literally touched the lives of millions of people from ALL walks of life. Who would think that in the middle of the hood there would be a classic piece of history nestled right there. This hits home to me and reminds me that Im part of this American movement that took place, that I was born in a city with a deep culture and foundation, and that great men have walked down the streets I called home.

This is the man who lived once in this world but had left great legacy to many people. His wisdom is still read until now. Used by many as principle of life. This is how we should live in this world, we must have an impact on others' lives because life is too short but written words are eternal. He became a Bible to those who want to have a good direction in this world.

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Wise words from a wise man. The basic sentiment of just about every self-help/motivational book comes this way of thinking.

I find #9 most important nowadays. Focus is a superpower.

Thanks for this. it made my day

I'm currently reading (among many other books) Think and Grow Rich.

Throughout the novel, he hints at finding the "secret" but doesn't bluntly reveal it. So far I'm enjoying the storytelling. I always wondered whether Andrew Carnegie had any relation to Dale Carnegie(both highly successful people within that era) but turns out they don't haha

Rules for success


Andrew Carnegie beyond all that he accomplished was a visionary, he raised an empire from nothing

  1. Get you priorities right
  2. Use resources wisely
  3. Discover the right relations
  4. Stay focused
  5. Don’t be complacent
  6. Don’t be greedy


Thank you for the information that you shared. It's really gonna help A LOT of people out. Also help them have a goal and stay focused.

Keep them coming🌸

A life lesson for begginers. That man must be an example for teenagers.

i like to see Great piece so amazing pic thnak you !!

very good post, thank you

As a young entrepreneur, this tips are very important. thank you very much.

I love him for one thing. Selling off his assets to JP Morgan and using it to plant state libraries all over USA.

This rules can be applied to steemit too.

This is a powerful reminder, these rules can be aplicable today.

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It's amazing how much these facts apply nowadays as well. I am trying to improve the #2 right now as I usually liked to be independent, but the people are around you build your characteristics and personality more or less.

Example: If you want to have a shredded body you should stay around people who eat healthy and go to sports often, not with people who eat junk foods and play video games all day!

One of the most useful books ever written. Great post!

You can download the book here as PDF

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#1 is huge! Implementing right away means a change in mindset.

These are the rules I enjoy having ! I knew some of them, and this mentality is perfect! I can only be enthusiastic when I create something or plan some big way to change this world system.

Great advice

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Make a plan and start implementing it immediately
Wisdom must be derived from every failure or problem that passes through it
good post thanks for sharing

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