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Stephen Covey says "I am not the product of my circumstances but the product of my decision" I used to live like the dead alive I do not do the right thing, but I am trapped from all sides and my soul dies slowly and then I did not realize this thing and I thought everyone was living the same way. But they continue because of the circumstances or the material, we all abandon our dreams because of the fear of change.

For many years I wished I would do something different but I envy those who live on helping others but I thought that this is my fate and my way. I did not understand that I chose my way every day and did not try to do anything better, or to become a better person and just to live miserable.

Know that every day you have the freedom to choose how you live your life whether you are conscious of it or not. To live a happy life is not very complicated.

Today I am happier; I have chosen a new path and have taken it seriously. My life has not yet become wonderful, but I have begun to become part of my dreams with the help of others.


Five ways to make life more wonderful:

1- Focus on communication rather than idealism

  • Know that you are under a lot of pressure to make you look perfect; try to live in perfect health to be a perfect parent, ideal employee or ideal partner.
  • I used to wake up at 5:30 am doing exercise or meditation exercises to feel you are in a higher order and then go to work early.

All these things require time and effort, but it does not make you happier, but life becomes less enjoyable and joyful because it takes you away from the time you can spend with your loved ones. Life becomes more wonderful when it focuses on communication rather than idealism. People and relationships bring us happiness and enrich our lives.
Stop listening to that cryptic voice that tells you that you have to do more, practice more and work harder with you doing it already but always asking you for more. You need to spend time with your favorite people before time runs out. Human relationships are the most important thing in life.

2- Keep and share your own values

Do you feel that something is wrong but you do not know exactly what this thing is? You may have a job interview and everything looks fine but you feel it will not work or meet a new person who looks nice but you do not feel comfortable with him, there is something, something that can not be described.

Most of these times you feel that there is something wrong with your own values.
But that does not mean there is a conflict between your own values ​​and those of others
That feeling is a sign that there is something that needs to be changed.

I will tell you a story that happened to me when I accepted a job with a large material return in an organization and I accepted it because the organization aims to help people, and that is what I want to do too.
Over time I found that the way the organization is helping people does not correspond to my own values; publishing and implementation policies do not satisfy me. I want to write to people directly to motivate and inspire them, and I can communicate with people, but the organization appreciates building and structuring governance. Ever since I noticed that difference in values, I have become happier and things have become easier.

3- Make fear an incentive:

Several years ago, I read an article written by a retired senior executive from a major institution who said that he worked hard for forty years, during which he spent many hours and hours of time with family and friends, but ultimately found it was not worth it. It is unfortunate that man loses his life in vain and that the time for change is over. I have always kept that story in my mind, especially when I tend to take the easier choices. I introduce myself to some of the motivational.

Do I waste my life uselessly or is this really what I want?
Is what I want is difficult or scary and what will happen if I was not brave with myself.
Let fear of not try Fear of remorse and loss of your life meaningless Let fear become your motivation.

4- Do not believe in signs:

Have you ever asked yourself is something happening is a signal from the universe? Here is the bare truth about the subject of cosmic signs or signs. There simply is not this thing; Falcon does not send you anything at all. When a person believes that there is a sign that supports or encourages a particular path, it means that an event or position supports that choice. Let me explain more to you, did you ask yourself one day and you are going to the market to buy chicken for lunch and I find it has run out - is this a sign of the universe to stop eating! You just choose another category and that's what happens in general. You change plans to reach the desired goals.

If Adison Bala gave the signs, we would now swim in total darkness. The teachers saw that he was a stupid child and did not understand anything. He was separated from elementary school because of his inability to achieve and assimilate and failed to make the electric lamp a thousand times. He explained that he did not fail but learned a thousand steps to make the lamp. Keep moving to your dreams even if it takes a thousand steps.

5 - Do not stop dreaming:

Do you know what Walt Disney and his team did? They used to unleash their imagination and dream to come up with the best possible ideas. The dream was the first step. In the world of dreams everything is possible and there is no room to evaluate ideas and classify them into wonderful and silly ideas. The next step was landing on the ground where Walt and his team were thinking of putting it on track.

Then came the stage of criticism and face problems and knowledge of errors, and the development of the cost of the project. They encourage people to dream, but not dream without planning to realize those dreams.

Let me make you more frankly that may be shocking to you. There are no barriers that hinder you from hinder yourself. Think of a good idea and then start to put obstacles to implement and jump to your head justifications such as the difficulty of implementation cost a lot of money and others. With time turning to the stage of criticism before the dream is afraid to dream things you can not achieve My advice to you do not listen to the voice of criticism inside your mind, which tells you that you are not good enough.

Here are some facts

You are a good person like others and like those who dream of being like them the only difference is to insist on dreaming; having a wonderful life begins to dream of. But dreaming is the first step. You must strive to achieve your dream and not just sit there waiting for your dream to come true if the truth is that you have the freedom to choose; to choose the wonderful life or to die alive.

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I like the way you put it! You want to write to people to motivate and inspire them - and that's what you did in this post! Unfortunately, some people who need help may be unreachable. It's either due to illiteracy or their hearts are still closed. Thanks for your inspiring post, Michael.


To me, the only way to have a better life is to keep learning everyday: day planning, read books, watching docu., and stay change. :)

Interesting .. I really liked it
Thank you for these tips .. Just work and be good with yourself and the others around you
Thanks for sharing

You bring up some great points here, I'll def keep them in mind :)


ty :)


same feeling

Thanks a lot for the pieces of advice Michael, really helpful.

The most point I like is "Don't stop dreaming" and this is true because yesterdays dreams became today's achievements and the same thing in everyone's life (yesterday thoughts became today's personal projects.
Even if I faced any problems and got depressed, dreaming is the best way to re-think and going forward again :)


thanks very much @mino.gris :)


Great Post @michealmorcos, All thanks to Stephen for this.

I have come to realize that the only force/person that can stop a man is "man himself."

The day a man decide to take responsibility for his life, that day is the day he is just getting up from his sleep.

Dream is not what we see when we sleep but what we see that keeps us awake even at night


thnx :)

Should be

There will always be a place for us somewhere, somehow, as long as we see to it that working people fight for everything they have, everything they hope to get, for dignity, equality, democracy, to oppose war and to bring to the world a better life.

Absolutely amazing!

interesting post...make life more better is the best idea...
thanks for sharing...

hey.dear... .and i like your post so much..thanks for sharing

One of the best posts on steemit. I liked your way to make life easier and happier.

You never know that you are in until you come out of it. Great to hear your story. Thank you for sharing. Have a good day ^^

If you aren’t happy where you are, do research, change your habits, make some sacrifices & get to where you want to be. If it’s money you want, it’s waiting on you. If it’s music, your time is coming. If it’s a better life, it’s coming. Stay focused & patient

how will do it better?
I feel so worried about my life, many boring. Niggling thoughts come to me

Yeah, you really made a good point there. I love all your advice. Thanks for inspiring us

nice post, you got upvoted and followed..

Amazing post! You're absolutely right, we have to stop being so hard on ourselves and have to start enjoying life more! What if that was it? What if your life ends here? Would you be happy with what you've done in your life? Would you say you lived a happy life? Those are all questions I asked myself and that way I realized that there was something missing, so I changed I few habits I had and since then I enjoy my life more than I've ever done before!

Good luck

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your content is inspiring, thank you for that advice

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I think it is good information for me. Thanks a lot! ;)


we should all aim to make the world a better place by starting with our immediate family and those who lie around us.

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In order to success, we first believe that we can. Because if anyone can't believe him he can't success in whole life... your post was interesting... if anyone follow this rule he must succeeded in life.thank you.

Good writing, there are many things to learn, ,,,, to you.

This is a very nice post, I think we should be seeing more of these on this network. Thank you michaelmorcos for sharing this. I have been blessed by your post.

Nice post

Cool vibes friend
I finna get behind you for more

Happiness as it is categorized by the western culture is really over rated. You want to be happy, but what will happen 5 mins after a flow of happiness will rush through your brain, injecting hormones to every part of your being? You will want to reach the next pick, for another blast of so called happiness.
Instead, I go for being content as a guiding feeling in my life.


That's amazing, so simple and so true.
Stop Chasing!

dear @michaelmorcos your good post...
i like your all post...
I look forward to every one of your #post..thank you so very much for #sharing..

All you've said is true. And having discovered this truths lately, I am happy to be living meaningfully.

Well read.
Nice piece.
Think i like this one.
The very first.
"Focus on communication rather than idealism".

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I love inspiring post, big thanks for this.

life will be really awesome if we follow these steps thanks for sharing these golden rules :)

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all. thank you micheal

Well, in my humble opinion (for a better society)...:

  • "Meditation" as a practice should be taught in schools starting from a very early age where "EGO" starts to take control, you know, the sinister "inner voice" which we frequently listen to. That voice is not us, it's just a tool like our arms and legs to help us solve problems. It's not there to create problems but to solve them. So, it's not "us", it's just a tool that offers some opinions and options as "thoughts", but WE ARE THE BOSS here, not that voice. We should be the master of that inner voice, if the opposite happens, that's trouble.

  • When it comes to "connections", I agree, they are important to human spirit. But I think only those who are at peace with their own solitude can build HEALTHY connections, free from any kind of ADDICTION.
"When the power of love overcomes love of power the world will know peace." (- Sri Chinmoy)
Note: This quote is frequently ascribed to Jimi Hendrix, but it's actually from Sri Chinmoy

Thank you for having so much wisdom and generosity in one writing. I will take, personally, these recommendations to interpolate them to my personal life. Health and happiness for you and yours.

I like your post. The best way to make your life better is to think positive and dont be afraid to follow your dream. Dare to make a change and take a risk.

Thanks for your information.
I changed my life with prayer and effort.

This is great and thanks for the piece! Prayers added to this can also give a very sound and rewarding result.

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love these motivational reads

Buen post! Me gusto mucho. Felicitaciones.

The priorities and the rules of how to communicate and with whom - it seems that it is already going to pass.
To make you understand what I am talking about, I'll just tell you the story.
In one town, the butcher came to the hairdresser, and then there was a bread maker and a few more people.
And all the hairdresser was made hairstyles for free, saying that just this day is a charity day for him.
And he found the next day in the morning at the doorway, a freshly baked pancake, a meatballs, milk ....
Only that day was the director of the company who, after half an hour, brought her family, some deputies, secretary to a cut ... saying that he wanted to show everyone how to share and what he wanted to promote the hairdresser.

I do not know if you are ready to hear such thoughts, but that's different in human values.
Be able to hear and share with others.

And the article is awesome, especially as a sign of the notice, the dream and the desire, the purpose of seeking.
Thank you ;)

Beside this consistency is also very important because if a person is not consistent doing his work he may not be able to achieve his goal.
Anyhow nice post with brilliant suggestions.

Way too great and precise points. Thanks for this @michaelmorcos. Waiting for your next posts around here. Cheers!

Your article can always help me, thank you!

Keeping my dreams alive is what drives and motivates me up-to-date, and staying away from negative people who always tell me that i can't make it. Blogging on Steemit has also helped me develope confidence. Thank you @michealmorcos for the motivation.

very good ideas
in my opinion if you want to have better life you must be like water :))

Hello. I liked your post, keep it up. Good luck to you and have a nice day :)

hi friends steemians, I am newcomer from Nanggroe aceh darussalam NAD is the most western tip of indonesia, best regards and compact greeting always .. thank you

Puedo decir este día que soy agradecida de estar en esta comunidad y poner leer las experiencias de otras personas y que los motivó.

Nada es casualidad y como dices no si son señales. hoy me levante aún con el miedo de irme a vivir a al Argentina ya teniendo boleto de avión y fecha...Entonces me llegan mis miedos (que solo son creaciones mías) si fracaso? mi edad es avanzada para conseguir empleo ? podré vivir en una ciudad tan grande ? Aunque mi sueño es mudarme de Ciudad y de País.

"Eres una buena persona como los demás y, como aquellos que sueñan con ser como ellos, la única diferencia es insistir en soñar; tener una vida maravillosa comienza a soñar. Pero soñar es el primer paso. Debes esforzarte por lograr tu sueño y no simplemente sentarte allí esperando que tu sueño se haga realidad si la verdad es que tienes la libertad de elegir; para elegir la vida maravillosa o para morir vivo."

Gracias por este Post que me sacudió mi Alma mi Espíritu..Bendiciones @michaelmorcos

Nice Beautiful

Nice, Thank you for inspiring us to dream.
Yes I also believe that having a good life would start by dreaming, dreaming for us to have an extra push into ourselves.

Good points! Choose what direction you wish to take today and how you'll look back on this day.

very amazing your post ... this life should be enjoyed

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Wonderful and inspiring write-up, keep dreaming, keep moving and never conclude on yourself. When you start seeing an obstacle as a closed door then you know that you are already doomed, " Never be a product of your circumatance but be a product of your decision"--(stephen convey) thanks @michaelmorcos, i am lifted in my spirit.