The Four Control Dramas we all face daily. Good books to read before you die, and other stuff.

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I read a book many moons ago, called The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

This book for whatever reason crossed my path among many other, like Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

and The Power Of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

One other book I loved and managed to get some valuable lessons was Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss

These books and others at some point influenced all the thoughts and ideas I have formulated over the years and have managed to give me some comfort throughout my life. They each had something to offer in the way of information or the process of thought, I did not agree with all of what was written, but I certainly got at least some parts that was needed at the time for me to make some sense of the world around me.

I somehow today started thinking about all these interesting books and topics that made an impression on me and how I deal with life in general, and the one thing that stood out was the 4 controlling dramas, which when you are empowered by the concepts surrounding those 4 dramas you are able to better, deal with them in a mature and disarming way. and I have subconsciously been using that knowledge ever since. It simply allows you to disarm any of those dramas by a simple set of instruction, and eventually even without knowing it, you are are not affected.

The understanding of these four dramas and how to deal with them comes in handy throughout our live. Recognising which dramas are playing out and then having the tools to disarm them is a skill that most people should know, that way you will almost never get drawn onto them.
The 4 Control Drams:**

They threaten and bully

They question and judge

People who play coy

Poor me
They make us feel guilty and responsible for them.

The most effective way of dealing with the 4 dramas is by firstly understanding and recognising which drama is at play, and then camly calling it out and making the person recognise the drama they are in.

The book Celestian Prophecy gives you the tools to use in each Drama situation.

When I first read about these dramas it became so much clearer what most people were experiencing and it gave me the ability to deal with each personality type appropriately , efficiently and the power to disarm and remove myself from most conflicting situations. and also allowed the other person to be more real about their situation and how to deal with it.

What books most influenced your way of thinking, and gave you some invaluable information to navigate through life?

Leave a comment or your opinions and insights.

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