My Passions and Distractions that help me get by. Find what you love and just do it.

in #life2 years ago

Early morning swim, and beach sunrise run. We all need something to occupy our time, other than work and family.(both important) I believe everyone should have some kind of distraction and hobby. The best kind of distractions are the one you are most passionate about, no matter what that may be.
Having passion distraction**, I find I am able to occupy my time with things that bring me joy, while passing any free time you may have. This also frees your mind to do some vital thinking, because when you doing something you love it allows, your mind gives way to a freedom that can not be found anywhere but in a place of solace.

See some pics below I took while enjoying my passions, which keep me occupied and out of trouble, and also allows me to partake in communion, with my thoughts, the universe, and everything. Think about what inspires you, and build a habit or hobby from your passion.

Let me know what the wonderful and necessary distraction you have in place in your life that bring you joy and time to commune.




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