MIDLANDS MEANDER - KWAZULU-NATAL SOUTH AFRICA - Enjoying the Outdoors. First Outing since Lockdown.

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Had my very first outing since we started lockdown, was so much fun getting out for a bit, still excising precautions though.




Had a fun and relaxing drive through the Midlands Meander, one of my favorite places to just drive and listen to some good music and take in the sites of our beautiful country.

Went all the way to St.Ives and Granny mouse a lot of places have unfortunately closed down due to a lack of business, a few favourites like my favourite curio shop where I bought tons of unique things including my beloved Gramophone and all the Bakelite records, so different listening to all those old tunes on the original format with all the scratches and white noise, which I love it really gives you the warmth and imperfections which makes for a nostalgic sound you cannot get using any other sound format.


Going to miss this place, hopefully it will reopen once everything gets back to normal. They had such great items for sale.


Have to start getting back out, have done some pre-registration trail races, by doing so I will hopefully be forced to be motivated after months of no running, I simply love trail running and is one of my most favourite hobbies and out doorsy things to spend my free time on.

Spent the day out meandering in the midlands on the KZN Midlands Meander. it is a day trip worth checking out if you ever find yourself in Kwazulu-Natal. it has tons of great restaurants, Local crafts drinks and great food and shops with plenty to do for the whole family.

Took this pic at one of the restaurants I popped into. The name of a craft drink that is branded in Afrikaans one of our 11 languages in South Africa and means "Fuck Off - Larger" not y words but the brands. Only in Africa, lol :-)


While driving and Listening to 2 of my favourite Reggae artist, LKJ-Linton Kwesi Johnson. and Lee "Scratch" Perry. Of course we all know who the king is - Bob Marley




Have a blessed new week everyone, and don't forget to find the beauty around you.

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