Lazy Sundaze on the couch watching Old Movies. Reflection and Love Appreciation.

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Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon, contemplating life and raising appreciation for all that is. Regardless of the situation and outcomes of anything currently, still knowing that all is well, and will be. Battling on in whatever situation we in. The realisation that all could be so much better, but could also be so much worse, so reflecting and looking around consciously at what is there, rather than what is not.

George, staring out the door, watching a movie will curled up under a blankie in the cold winter afternoon. with the streaks of warm sunlight nipping at my toes. I stop to take a moment to appreciate these moments and realise my awareness to the things around that I am thankful for.

Reminds me of the days when I was a kid, and it was a standard ritual for me and my Mom after lunch, we would curl up under a blanket in the afternoon sun, and she would tell me all these stories. Stories she would make up with tons of messages told in a parable, making me think about the hidden messages within them, those were one of my most favourite times as a child, and the value and impression those times, and stories had on my life have been invaluable to my soul.

Stay safe everyone, find the beauty around you. Blessings to you and your families at this time.

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