George the Dog - Forest Run - and Our World

in #life3 years ago

My dog George has been couped up inside for weeks and only going out on the odd occasion to stretch his legs and run free. The forest and river run is the one thing he looks forward to, and when he does get out these days he has the most fun just running free. There a so many things happening currently in the world and it all seems to be totally overwhelming, it is so important to have some way of forgetting, even for just a little while.

Our current world situation is not a good one, every way you look you are bombarded with images and stories of despair on almost every level. The only thing we can do is try to take a tiny break from all this negativity with whatever means we have to shine a tiny amount of light on an otherwise dismal existence.

I prayer everyone remains safe in this time, and as hard as it may be try to move forward somehow. Everyone's situation is different and each one has its challenges, some easy and some really hard. My heart goes out to everyone who find themselves in situations out of their control.




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