Cross that bridge when you get to it - Let tomorrow take care of itself.

in #life2 years ago

Crossing that proverbial bridge when you get to it, This is probable the only way to live life right now, as tomorrow is not guaranteed. I sometimes spend too much time on what may happen, that I lose sight of what is happening.

The trail runs I do is mostly to commune and ease my mind from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, which currently can be overwhelming. The best thing I can do, and realise that tomorrow takes care of itself and all I have to do is my best for the day that I face in the moment.

So in light of that, I carry on with my daily dealings, making sure I do the best I possibly can, and have faith that it will be enough to take care of tomorrow. For now, I enjoy my runs and communion with nature, the universe and "God" and take my baby George "The Dogg" Norman out with me as much as I can, while I can.

Have a stunning weekend everyone, go out and find the beauty around you.

***All photos taken with the GoPro Hero6 Black.






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