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One day, an ordinary word becomes the symbol of a whole civilization with its meaning and connotations. It would be as if you saw a big sycamore sprout in Kyrumus or bare mountains suddenly turn green. You will understand that if he uses that word with that meaning and style, it is the centuries-long glorious adventure of the culture that raised that person; human, you feel the depth of the dominance of the culture that brought up that person to the society. And ; You will experience the happiness of speaking the same language with that person and living in the same climate.

If I were to describe just one of my experiences in all its details, without referring to literature or commenting, it would seem to me as if the ground would shake. How respectable is a so-called district governor, who keeps children waiting for more than an hour in an open area and in the cold of minus ten degrees, how well do you think he has been able to fulfill this duty? How about an academic who invites dozens of teachers and administrators for values ​​education to sit on the table without being embarrassed and bored?... These were only those who teamed up with my window. I am sure there are those who read this text and lament many different things. It is long past time to put a stop to this trend.
Missing the subject of education means; Doesn't it mean raising unqualified people in every field of life, creating a society full of individuals who are ignorant of their mental satisfaction, and increasing the number of professionals who do business with their ego, not their merit? Yunus Emre said how nice he was about this. "Knowledge is knowledge. Knowledge is knowing yourself. If a person does not know himself, it is a lot of reading." People can be anything by giving the necessary struggle under appropriate conditions. Lawyer, prosecutor, governor, artist, wealthy businessman, football player, etc. However, being human is only possible with moral satisfaction and ethics. "I have not seen clothes, there are no people in them. I have not seen people, there are no clothes on." His verses almost exclaim this truth. We need nice people, sensitive people, ethical people, fair people, tolerant people, people who have not lost their conscience... more than before.


The writer's adventure with words is like a relationship with a metal jeweler. Every word finds its consistency by kneading it in the writer's boat. The writer makes friends with words by drawing them into the secrets of his soul and heart, and enables words to become living, luminous beings.

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