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My readers and scribes, in this opportunity I bring you something that envelops us, traps us and if we do not face it we are submerged in that immense world of impossibilities...



     The Fear or dread is an emotion characterized by an intense unpleasant sensation provoked by the perception of a danger, real or supposed, present, future or even past..


According to my point of view:

The Fear:

It is that feeling of butterfly that usually gives you in the stomach, which generates chill and produces mild headache, often followed by the desire to vomit, in short is an ecstasy to the wisdom of the unknown.



When do we feel fear? Why do we feel fear? What makes us afraid?

     These and many others are the questions we ask ourselves every day or often overlooked, such as the feeling generated by a particular situation.


Fall out
To lose
Put up with
The fear of falling or having an accident is desperate, the mere fact of thinking that we could suffer an injury of which the sequel is something very strong, petrifies us, and that we could lose our lives for that even more.
The fear of losing, and those who are not afraid of it, of losing money, a loved one, of feeling lost without family, without friends to be alone or badly accompanied.
The fear of fitting into society is one of the most common fears on a personal level, such is the fear that sometimes leads us to lie to ourselves, with the sole purpose of being accepted in any social circle.

     The fear of being without a horizon , who to follow, a goal to achieve, is somewhat disturbing not knowing what to want and remain as limbo.
     The fear of wanting, loving, is the strongest fear that a human being feels, of being hurt, of not being accepted or simply playing with our feelings.


     In this case the subject is somewhat delicate, the human being does not like to touch this subject because it is a taboo subject, rather than talking about sex.
     When we start some relationship of pairing or flirting, the first thing we usually talk about is sex, is rare if we ask for the interests of the other, only time and as time goes by, is when the conversations are extended with the end of the knowledge of both, but it never gives us the curiosity or simply the sensation of fear does not bite us and if it does we resort to the best ointment and with that we solve!!!!
     Let's think about fear, but about the fear that comes from thinking about another person, that motivates us, that special person, that feeling of confusion that we usually have.
Because to make it taboo, it is rare to talk about this subject or ask the other person who feels you are afraid of and to examine himself, the realization of seeing who asked the question does not have an answer either.

The fear

Is fear a sense of madness? What does it mean to be afraid?

     Conduct a survey on what it is to be afraid in people of different Ages and Sex.
Where only initial their names sex and age
.-It is a lie created in our mind to make us renounce our dreams and goals. JMN M38
.-It is an internal emotion caused by some thought or lived situation HP M41
.-It is the sensation that makes you want to run away for no reason WM M56
.-It is a discharge of adrenaline that generates an embarrassing situation which we do not know if it is good or bad CG M66.
.-Fear is like a feeling of distrust that impels me to believe that an event contrary to what I desire will occur. OO F13


     Fear of what? To feel, to love, to experiment, to have a stomach full of sensations that look like butterflies, fear of feeling that your heart beats so fast that you feel that it will come out of your chest, fear of walking and that your legs will tremble, as if you were walking in heels just premiered, miss universe style!!! and that the same footwear, is the one that causes you a fall, fear of feeling destroyed....


That with this, life must go on, but we feel fear we are not alive at the end, this fear becomes clear feeling is to know ... which should we feel?
     We are immersed in a terrifying experience, but at the same time ecstatic, an experience that changes us from within and that will possibly be repeated over the years. We are beings touched by madness, living in an ordinary world.

*** But what!!! Let's feel alive... Let's live in fear!!!!***


Image of the fear is of my authorship, taken with Cellular Huawei P8 JMN, edited in PhotoScape.

Thank you for reading me.

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