You know you've got to pay for that right son??

in #life4 years ago

this magical fucking place,
filled with boys and toys and cocks everywhere

How fucking wonderful it is...
oh wait, I'm a white kid in america ...
oh wait, I'm a white kid in america.

I remember now, the rest of the world, it's pretty great there to.
I know poverty sucks, but fuck, the smile on that broads face, wow she knew how to live

I feel so lucky, so privileged ... me really? King of the castle, all powerful, dothefuckness granted to me.
Did I work for it?
Sure, I wasn't born into it ... damn close though.

Without me the world would ...
the world would be just fucking fine.

But fortunately for me I'm here and this is this and no longer that.
Breath, all day every day, the sun shined on me twice day. How fucking lucky am I? The intergalactic lottery, won the grand prize. Nothing to do, nothing to say. King of leisure give me my crown. Fuck we're lucky man, you know someone made me a cup of coffee today ... paid three bucks for it, left a tip call it four. I'll make that much spewin these words into my computer, laptop clicking white on bright pay me to write! Can you believe it! I could shit in a cup, take a picture of it and get paid! Interfuckingalactic lottery boy we got the main prize.

I used to cry, still do sometimes, but don't know if i'll ever be upset again. Have you heard of Fiji? Let me tell you about it. You pay $795, flight both ways, interject yourself into a new fucking reality, deposit your existence into the backyard of subsistence farmers life ,they serve drinks AND food, fuck get the all you can eat and you dont even need to worry about the price. Wake up in the morning hungover they've got someone for that to. Your own personal servants, 2 weeks a year, 3 if you'rel lucky. Fuck you, fuck me, king for a week gotta pay for it this time, cursing behind your back spit in your feed, better pay for it. Don't worry it's just a week or two then back to being someones a bitch. I know roger is your boss but fuck he can have an aneurysm one day for all I care no one should shout at someone like that, not even your wife, better pay me overtime time and a half minimum.

I;ll pass though, met the king on the way into the city, he said it was fine if I passed through, treat em nicely he said you're welcome in my kingdom any day of the week. Sun shines bright over here too, 3 class meal eatin imported chocolate for desert.

Well, better get goin ... have some business I ought to attend to, a fella down the street really wants to suck my cock, might end up letting him, probably just going to watch youtube instead, heard theres a new movie came out 700 others to watch, figured I might stream it. Bout 20 or so people, maybe more, worked every day all day forf just about 6 months, half a year of their life, I'll watch it, probably most of it, two hours or so. PAy for it? Fuck no I have netflix are you craZy.

King of my castle, fuck everyone else. Not really, but fuck it, pay me enough I'll do it to. Back to the beach, suns comin back out ,gotta work on the tan.

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