Thesis On The Spontaneous Reclamation Of Ones Personal Pride In Post Modern American Males

in #life4 years ago

I feel like a new man yall. I can't believe it, the internet dun made me a changed man. I have to tell ya the truth and let me preach it how it is.

The other day, I was trollin through youtube, dropped the hook, line and sinker, and done come across the young fellar tyrone matthieus.

Tyrone happens to be a professional athelete and in this case it was a story of his younger years.
Being a young black man he happened to run into issues that many young black men face, ie : drugs.

He was expelled from his univ versi ii-ieghty and was potentially going to be unable to continue his football career.
Unlike so many young men who face similar circumstances, he managed to turn himself around and then was, not only drafted into the NFL but also became one of, if not the best free safeties in the whole league.

By goly did that man put a fire under my ass. fucking inspired I must say. I've been over here doing my thing not really givin two licks about the out come but abo solut hely this shit matters son.

Well let me tell ya what I did now ya hear, what I did was put my damn foot down with myself, a little bit of good ol fashioned self discipline and reckoned I needed to spend a bit of effort on my own work ethic, buildin up a little bit of something we like to call resolve.

So, with that being said let me return to my original statement, feel like a mofuckin new man yall.
Impressed with myself I sho am...

hmm, that reminds me ... haven't I been doin all this meditation on self worth?
WHAT if my meditation had spurred me on to watching a video that I, subconsciously, knew would push me as it has? Well I be diddled and a string of beans. I think that should about do it for today. I reckon I'm going to start a nother one of these blogs ... this time itll be about work.

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