stillness in the midst of the storm

in #life4 years ago

There hasn't been a time like this, not that I remember at least

the leaves stir in the wind, floating through empty streets
I saw a bus pass today, seats empty except for a drug addled man curled in a ball, resting from a long cold night

the furnace has gone cold, the gears, momentum once great, ground to a halt

through the cracks in the road a sliver of green emerges,
a flower blooms,
bird songs fill the air once drowned out by cars, and clattering noises

What will emerge from this space, from this stillness
our lives, brought to pause, what will we create?

An opportunity for a new life, a new world.
Freedom, seeping through our limbs, a song that fills the air
the ability to create, to bring about something new, an opportunity that we all have

what can we create?
what are our limitations?
time will tell, all powerful time, crumbling the mightiest walls,
oh time will tell.


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