Start Where You End

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start where you end


you've created multiple successful businesses

your life style is something you control

you are able to create the things you desire

this is the life that we all are after

something that allows us to live as we wish

is it so unattainable??


For most of us, we want simply want change.
We can create an exhaustible list of all the things we wish were different.
Without action ... we will never accomplish any of them.

What if you believed you could accomplish every single goal you had?
Anything you ever wanted you could have.
Anything you tried you could accomplish?

How would you act?
How would you handle your responsibilities?
How would you live your life?

we never go after our dreams ONLY because we believe they are out of reach

I want you to try something
Take a moment and think about ALL of the things that you want.
Write them down on a list or type them up here on Steem.
Keep writing until you struggle to think of more things you could want.
Keep writing until there are no words left.


Look at your list.

is there anything there that is totally out of reach?

When you change the way you look at your problems, they become much less of problems.

how many things are on your list?

even if you really wanted to accomplish them all ...

how long would it take you?


life is challenging
life is complicated
but life is also controllable

we have the power to change our lives

this is a way of living
we are talking about actively taking control of who we are and what we want to accomplish in life

that's serious business folks!!

so before you get started ...

ask yourself?

am I willing to work?
am I willing to work to change my life?
am I willing to work to change the lives of others?

these are answers you must have

i want to

  • read a book from cover to cover
  • have sex
  • build a house
  • own a boat
  • own a motorcycle
  • own a truck (these could be replaced with have use of)
  • own land
  • have a bunch of nice tools
  • have a nice workshop
  • get a snow mobile
  • be able to climb mountains
  • be able to climb mountains covered with snow
  • have a lover
  • build really energy efficient homes
  • plant a bunch of trees
  • get my own place
  • drive on a race track
  • go to egypt
  • learn more languages
  • play ultimate frisbee professionally
  • play beach ultimate on at least 3 more continents
  • make $100,000 from my laptop
  • be a millionaire
  • fly in a helicopter
  • own a large boat
  • own a sail boat
  • swim deeply in the ocean
  • cook more fish (hopefully without plastic in their stomachs)
  • own a chainsaw mill
  • successfully harvest 10 trees from the city of atlanta
  • have more free time
  • get to know more people in this city
  • have a stronger friend group
  • use the materials I have at my disposal properly
  • get more massages

192 months.

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Actually the voice of a nigga going in my head telling yo boy you have to do the work😂😂 AMAZING!!

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I got you bruh 😁😁 check out my podcast and lmk what you think

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I got you bruh 😁😁 check out my podcast and lmk what you think

Check out my podcast, The Alt Rich, on Anchor:

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The best part of making a list like this - makes it easier to see what should be removed from it, to attain the goals of highest priority! 😊😊

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Yes. I love this strategy. Too often we try and split our focus only to be left accomplishing nothing. What is your number one goal @heywhoever? Mine is getting my own place to live!!

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I’m writing and producing music for my own projects and other artists, marketing agencies. For me, it’s quite easy to copy others, but the hardest part is to find my own sound, so my number one goal would be...

To have enough experience, balance & clear sight to find what works, then... to be bold & driven enough to use that.

chezzy @heywhoever

Good list, OP! I'm glad that you have specifics like "energy efficiency" on here too. I can't guarantee that a lot of us will own our own chainsaw mills though. 😆


bruh they are so cool

I like how the name of the post is "start where you end"-implying that you begin at the end goal. Begin at the end goal and reverse engineer how you're gonna get there. Nothing is impossible if you have a plan of action for getting there. Nothing. As long as you consistently take action on your plan, you will achieve your goal.

Maybe along the way, you realize that there is another goal you want to achieve, and that you don't really care to achieve the original goal anymore. Maybe along the way you realize that your original course of action has some flaws that need to be adjusted for you to reach your goal. But guess what? You only realize that once you've took action. If you don't take action, sure you may have come up with a perfect plan, but you don't know that cause you've never tested it in the real world. Good post.


Good observation. You gave a good example of what it means to walk by faith. I


Thank you for the insightful comment @striver. You hit the nail on the head. If you never take action you will never know. What are you working towards?

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Right now dude I am trying to move out of my parent's place and into my own. That is my main focus cause honestly living with them is driving me freakin insane. I need to get out of there. This is the first month that I've got to start paying rent to my parents. I'm gonna use Steemit as a way to earn money to do that, and also I've got other plans.

Honestly I don't really know what the heck I'm gonna do once I move out though. Like long term I am not quite sure as of right now. I think I gotta just choose one thing and commit to it, and maybe I don't do it for the rest of my life but I would be making progress along the way towards what will truly fulfill me

Hmm if someone don't have so much material desire,and just want to sleep all this a kind of life goal.


Honestly sometimes I'm tempted to do that lol. Nuthin like great sleep


I think so, yeah; as long as you fulfill the craving that we all have, which is to connect with other people, then that is a good life.


Bahaha you should become a monk @lazyteatime

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good list takes some effort to achieve it.

How many singles are out there? LMAO.
Friendzone maybe :v

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nice dear!!!

Jaajajja lo que querés hacer esta interesante jajaja hasta con lo de tener sexo jajajaja escalar montañas me encantaria mucho

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hahaha @jkvel1106 yo creo tu queiro :P

Comparto que la vida es complicada y compleja, pero por esos no hay que dejarse abrumar, amerita constancia, propòsito, interès y ganas de lograr objetivos y convertir sueños en realidades. Por tanto cobra relevancia el tìtulo "comience donde termine" como una motivaciòn a ser consecuente con la bùsqueda del èxito, sin descanso y continuar cada dìa en la consecuciòn y perfeccionamiento de lo alcanzado, no ser conformista.

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I listened to your podcast. You have inspired me to start one as well. I am now following you. Thank you.


Get ittttt! What are you going to talk about?? @artoftherhyme

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The title of will be "Get Over It". It is meant to encourage people to pursue their goals despite the challenges. Everyone has a place on the world. Hopefully we can help the listeners move closer to finding theirs.

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Great articel made, you just made my day much better!


Thank you @leonshein

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me gusto mucho el argumento de la lista tiene mucho sentido sigue haci me gusta mucho de

A wishlist is always fascinating for work inspiration and setting up goals in life.

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