Break Free From Your Bonds And Breath The Fresh Air

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my body
it screams
touch me
love me
hold me
I need you!

It's been nearly two months since this corona virus quarantine began. It's been two months since someone hugged me, since someone held me hand, since I kissed someone, since I made love.

This HAS to end!
Literally. And i'm not talking about Corona Virus or idiotic governmental orders. I HAVE to touch someone. I HAVE to be touched.

We are social creatures. We rely on touch to resolve conflict, to communicate. It is healing. It is pleasurable.

I feel this craving. It is a desire that I can not fulfill ... literally. It has to come from another. Day by day it gnaws at me ... the things that would normally bring me pleasure are no longer valid! There is only one thing that I need ... TOUCH.

How do I satisfy this? The whole world is still fucking terrified ... unable to reason past the the current situation. Locking themselves in their closets, collectively waiting for all of this shit to blow over.

Why is my body responding in this manner? It knows it needs something. Limiting the amount of endorphins / pleasure I receive from others it is forcing me to address the issue at hand ... I need to be touched.

I hate how we have destroyed our culture in this country. We are so far from the mark, forgetting these key things about our human nature that both free us and bind us. We need intimacy. We need rest and tranquility. We need challenge and stimulus in the same way that we need peace.

These can not be avoided. Day by day your will will crumble, your bodies capacity decreasing as you neglect it's needs. I do not know what the end of the maze holds, I hope to never venture to that place. AH! To imagine those that have, the immeasurable suffering that must have been felt, the needless pain and isolation. I will take a moment for you brothers and sisters.

Life, it doesn't really have to be that hard.

Meet your basic needs. Food, water, shelter. These are important as are all of the forthcoming categories. Bad input = bad output. Good input = good output.
Connection, intimacy, community. We all need to be a part of something. To connect with one another. To touch, to laugh, to fuck. These are things we all need. In order to achieve these we must be able to be vulnerable with others... this is the cost of connection. In an increasingly fearful and mistrusting world the price grows ever higher.
Fulfilling occupation. With no work we will find no worth. We, for better or worse, have incredibly fragile egos. Within our frailness comes much strength, but this is created, not inherited (maybe it is ... but lets still go on). To give, to contribute, to add your influence and value is one of the most fulfilling things we can accomplish.
Play. To experience joy, potentially the pinnacle of human emotion, is necessary in order to weather the bouts of sadness and pain that we fill most definitely feel. These pinnacles give us moments to remember and a goal to strive towards. Fleeting yet totally full Joy is the barometer of how well we are living our life.
Connection to something greater. A final integral component. Life, like all things, in it's relative nature has the potential to be overwhelming. Particularly if we view ourselves to be playing a grand part of it, the ability for one to become lost in the potential issues faced is increasingly grand if we believe ourselves to be a macro portion of reality. Knowingness of the true greatness of the universe, whether it be from your god or from your telescope or textbook, grants a finiteness and brevity to both ones self and accordingly the problems faced by said self. To see the greater picture is to free ones self of the trials and tribulations of the oft more focal, smaller picture.

Mastering life has become an increasingly challenging occupation. Forsaking the traditional wisdom of millennia, we know rely heavily on empiricism to make our decision. A wonderful system, empiricism is horrifically naive to many of the ways of the world. Relying on data accumulated over the period of hundreds of years, rather than tens of thousands, we have groped and dragged our way to various conclusions about the world and the things that inhabit it. We, in some ways, have reached a pinnacle of understanding, yet in others, particularly our ability to handle our emotional and social lives, have fallen to catacombs of despair. One need only look at the state of the mental health of the nation to see that there are some serious flaws with the way that we are living our lives. It is only through the miracle of our newly created medical capacity that we are able to sustain the existence of our corporeal machinations as long as we can, dragging joyless souls through space time for ever extended periods of time.

Your life is the product of various inclinations that your birth has given you, combined with a set of knowledge that you have adopted from your culture and then a dash of self influence added in here or there. With this current cultural paradigm we are training hordes of humans to distrust one another, live and fear and over sanitize the fuck out of our whole physical and ethereal environments. Removing any semblance of non-normalcy we have castrated the uniqueness of life and attempted to turn it into repeatable, controllable event. Unlike the corn stalks of the modern farm, infinite homogeneity seems to not do well with the uniqueness of our humanness. As we devolve into a sadder and weaker race, ultimately other things, most likely in our current paradigm, other humans with higher basal rates of various hormones, inclining them towards domineering, will ultimately take over and control us. This evolution, as common as day and night, will surely be a reality, if it is not already, if only through the steady decline of our own is-ness, or our ability to be diverse and problem solve, IE: live, in a variety of environments.

Homogeneity breeds corporations that can build a uniform product for a billion people. What if everyone wanted a different cell phone, slightly unique and adaptable to their wants and needs? Well that surely would be good for the supply chain. Therefore one might say that a desire to produce a billion copies of a uniform product might coincide with a desire for humans to be homogeneous. How do we create a human? Look back no more than a few lines. If one were to control the culture of a population, one gains the ability to exert mass influence over the outcomes of their lives. It is not unfeasible to assume a group of individuals could dominate the culture of a country / meta organization so heavily that they would skew the behavior of future generations to come through things like media, advertising and other propaganda techniques.

Propaganda is no new term, and to assume that it's use cessation with the end of second world war would be foolish. The cold war, being the first of it's kind, was not the last war to be fought using pamphlets and rallies and speeches without a single bullet being fired. What of this current war? Right now my country is at war with a virus? Who are their foot soldiers? The media magicians who happy to run programming 24 hours a day. They are the story tellers, the are the historians, they paint a picture of the world we live in that is devoured by the ever hungrier masses for stimulation that may satisfy their desire to ignore the variety of other sensations that they are feeling but have yet to truly feel.

Why wouldn't they? If you were smart and immensely rich and had just been exposed to the idea of psychology or subliminal influence or the more refined concept of advertising, would you not also purchase a hoard of ever desiring masses. Imagine the smile on the men's faces when the quiet scientist told them that they could train humans into desiring and even craving any thing that they wanted. So many of you will shake your heads and say no, I am not influenced, you can not control me ... Ha! You Idiots! See now the response I have created in you with those three words. I'm sure, if not the majority, a large number of you felt some emotion or another in response to my attempt to invalidate your intellect. If I can do so much with three words, what do you think can be done with YEARS of constant advertising. Remember it now, the super saturation exists in perpetuity, they have become so integrated into our consciousness that we cease to remember that they exist. Like those faithful members of our community that live next to train tracks but have lost the ability to hear the train.

The wool has been slipped over your eyes. Shake off the dust and return from your slumber. You don't need these things. You don't need that car and you definitely don't need that, whatever you are thinking of. It's ok to NOT buy things. It's ok to forget about those cravings. They will stay with you, surely, but it's also ok to let go of them. The path, for most, is long. A history of lessons that need to be unlearned. But to regain your sovereignty, to lift the shackles from your limbs and walk once more as a human, rather than a slave, is possible and achievable by all. One must only set down on this path of self reclamation with earnest intent and unshakable conviction to guarantee that they will, one day or another, reach a point where they have regained self control in an environment SUPER SATURATED WITH EXTERNAL STIMULI THAT MODIFY OR INFLUENCE BEHAVIOR.

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