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RE: Do What You Enjoy

in #life2 years ago (edited)

Reminds me of me hitting the floor because I underestimated the fall. I was gathering aratiles... I made the jump and its aftermath was I got a sprained ankle, my aratiles fell off the ground and I cried outrageously because of the pain. It was good that I didn´t break my foot. I was like you, you could imagine trailing 5 brothers wherever they went and part of that trails was climbing trees... and from the branches, they jumped into the creek for a swim... I was unable to jump because I couldn´t swim and was scared of the water.


@mers hahaha! and now what a wonderful and so liberating feeling to recall such childhood memories yeah? Like you, I was, too, tracking my two big bros acting like them and following them, but sometimes, they would tell me to stay behind. Thus, I would form my own group so we could plan and do our own child adventures! :)

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