Mental Wholeness. A way out.

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This post is dedicated to the struggling teenage person/youth who perchance just got his/her hopes dashed or heart broken.
And to the "almost deranged" individual dealing with perhaps the death of loved one, a spouse, a child (or a pet maybe).

Peradventure you just lost that really cool job or that "once-in-a-lifetime"opportunity(this is mostly false anyway). As I write this, I have YOU in mind as well. Also, my sincere apologies if your particular situation isn't mentioned here, believe me whoever is of the opinion that man is perfect or infallible, was sooo wrong.

I empathise with y'all. You're not alone and don't you ever buy that piece of junk (its all garbage anyway) that you're on your own cos you're really not alone. I desperately hope y'all get something from this entry. Something that'll work for you especially. Enjoy the read.


Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to take "crack" to feel better and you surely don't need to get drunk or "high" to drown out your sorrow. I mean, sleep doesn't exactly help if it's the soul that's tired, does it? Emotional stability is a must-have. What you need is to have your life straightened out. Have your head on straight. Set your gaze on the right course and stay on it. For it is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities. Don't just date. Don't just hang out(especially not with the wrong kind of jerks). As matter of fact, don't just do any stuff! Anything at all! Whatever you do, it should always be from a point of understanding and delibrateness. I'm not saying to overthink things either. I'm just saying to be a little more careful and protective of your precious little heart. If you must, evaluate how your life's faring every now and then. The issues of life does flow from the hearts of every man( Proverbs 4:23)

The mind is the most fearful asset to be wasted. A negative mind or attitude stinks. Yeah absolutely, it does stink. Just take a look at what you have and see how fortunate you really are (even amid all the chaos and emotional turmoil we're often subjected to). We're on planet Earth, and here? Sadly, Life is not a gorgeous bouquet and it was never meant to be perfect. And maybe it didn't necessarily happen to you, maybe it happened for you. Yeah that's right, in your favour and for your good. So brace up! Chin up and with your heart in pretty good shape, hold your heads up high. Regardless of all kinds of nonsense you've been fed with, you're a special kind of AMAZING. Fall down a hundred times, get up a one hundred and one time. It's perfectly understandable that you fell, but don't just stay down. Be a warrior. A fighter. Do not resign to fate. I repeat, do not! Alternatively, re-assign your faith and be strong. Pick yourself back up. Enough with the tears. Love yourself, feel free to love on others too. Love is the antonym of selfishness and also the remedy.

You've got to be responsible for your own happiness. Suicide isn't the solution and I have to tell you that it never was. Hatred and unforgiveness are absolutely unnecessary. Embarking on a trip to"depression-island" is totally off the limits. You know that. Choose wisely, choose you. Forgive others and forgive yourself. Be there for you 'cos in the end, you're all you've got and that's really all you need sometimes. I hope this truth sets you free.

Thanks for Reading


Thanks for bringing back our hope,nice one here

Thank you too Mag

Such a great post for people going through mental distress and other issues. This post deserves maximum upvote. Thanks for sharing

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to take "crack" to feel better and you surely don't need to get drunk or "high" to drown out your sorrow.

So true. A positive mindset and proper counseling is needed to overcome troubling moments

This post is great! Thanks!!

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