The excitement of creative effort is the source of happiness

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Maybe you believe you can't be happy in either case, but whether or not you are happy is entirely up to you. If you want to be happier, you must learn to embrace all aspects of life while still attempting to alter the less appealing aspects. You should try these measures if you want to be happy right away.

Develop a more positive outlook. Being an optimist is the only way to achieve happiness. Some people may seem to be naturally pessimistic, but it is this type of thinking that keeps you from being fast. You may not be able to change your circumstances, but you should still change your attitude and strive to see the bright side of things rather than dwelling on the negative.


You must learn to adjust your viewpoints in order to be positive. You must overcome negative feelings and think optimistically and rationally as they arise. Many times, negative feelings arise when you consider the "worst case scenario."

Associating with upbeat people will cause you to become infected.

Make a list of people you want to thank. Remind yourself of the things for which you are thankful, and you will be automatically content. Find a quiet place and write down at least 10-15 items for which you are grateful. It could be one of your friends, neighbours, or the gardener in your neighbourhood park. Gratitude for all of the things that make you happy would make you happier. If you write them down, you'll see that I have a lot of people to thank, and I'm very grateful.

Keep a copy of this list on hand and update it every Sunday. When you read it from beginning to end, you will feel as if life is full of joy.

You can make a "happiness jar" if you want to change it. Write down the things that make you happy on a piece of paper, toss it in the jar, and when it's complete, open it up to relive the happy memories.

Take note of the little things in life. You must learn to appreciate both the big and little stuff in life if you want to be happy. If your good friend sends you a funny text message, you can stop at any time to admire the beautiful flowers on the side of the road; buy a freshly baked cake in the coffee shop and sample its delicious taste; and if your good friend sends you a funny text message, you can stop at any time to admire the beautiful flowers on the side of the road. Take pleasure in it. These minor details may not seem important, but they do make you happy.

Set a target for yourself: every day, remember at least five little items that make you happy. Slowly, you'll begin to recognise this as normal, and you'll find yourself smiling about something you never considered to be so extraordinary before.

Being present in the moment. Do not always regret the past or be concerned about the future in order to appreciate life in the present. Instead of thinking about what you'll do tomorrow or regretting what you said 20 minutes ago, learn to enjoy the conversation you're having. Learn to understand what is going on and to push away negative thoughts that aren't important. Obviously, this is not easy to do, but it will undoubtedly bring you great joy.

It takes some time to get used to it, but you can do it with yoga or pranayama.

Invest some time in self-reflection. Examine your past experiences and consider what would make you happy. Perhaps you believe it isn't nice because you keep asking yourself, "What happened just now?" Sit down once a day—or at least once a week—and reflect on what has happened to you. These are some of the stuff. You will gradually become calmer, and you will no longer be depressed, and you will eventually become happier.


It's better if you do it by yourself, but you can also speak to a good friend about it.

Make no comparisons to anyone. Don't always be envious of those who have more money, friends, or a better body; instead, take care of your own life so you aren't always sad and jealous. You must remind yourself that everybody can experience unsatisfactory situations, and that no one is perfect—you, like others, are not. Take care of yourself and don't spend any of your time staring at other people.

You may believe that someone close to you "has it all," but he is also likely to be envious of one of your characteristics.


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