On debts and a visit to my village

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One of the first lessons a potential hardened criminal takes is, Borrowing and Being in Peace without Paying, PHC 001.

The second lesson taken is, Borrowing and Forgetting you ever Borrowed, PHC 002.

Pay your debts!


Few days ago I visited my village and saw my relations. I am glad to see they are fairing very well and engaging in more activities in the village and planing for the future. Planing for the future is something we all have to do.

Sometime ago I embarked on so many quest in order to survive
and plan for the future. I started borrowing from friends who gave me 0% interest rate and enough time to pay my debts. I have tried my best to have a better life and I am always thankful for for everyone assisting me. Some of them give me free money and others borrow me and ask me to pay back anytime I want or a duration of time. @rightwing670 is one of the reason I am still around Hive because I wanted to power down and stop blogging since I was not getting any support nor votes. Sometime ago he asked me to stay and have been like a friend to me since then.

I won't be giving out all the details about my financial status but I want to single out some friends who have done very wonderful thing for me and my family members. Thank you so much and I appreciate you
@atma.love (for your delegation and Constant voting)

I wonder how my life and my family members would have been. Thank you to all of you. @maxsieg and @rightwing670 I don't know how much to thank you. I love and appreciate you all
Thank you @majes.tytyty @votebetting @gregory-f @nathanpieters @nanzo-scoop and to all those voting my post.

Thank you ♥️

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