Eating out for South Indian Food

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Yesterday evening we went for eating out south Indian food. We have ordered the vegan food for all and enjoyed the food very much. We reach there early so there is few customer and we find so many seating place vacant, so we selected seat below the air conditioner and ask them to start because at our place summer season is there and these days are too hot.

Selfie with family at restaurant when waiting for food


Eating south Indian Vegan food


Forget to click my plate pic when served. I am in a hurry to eat


My daughter plate of tomato onion uttapam


the masala dosa and masala boondi


after finished my food


South Indian Vegan Food Steeming

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‌‌‌आपकी माँ और पिताजी को नमस्ते। और आप इस प्रकार जीवन खुशी मिलती रह रहे हैं।

Which restaurant is it?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The name of the restaurant is 'Sankalp' at Mewar motors gali, near Udaipole.

It feels very pleasant to have some food altogether with family. When you having foods with family then you have to eat some extra food whether your stomach has no space left.

Thank you @pappubhai for assessing my post thoughts.

You are welcome @mehta.

It is very awesome to have food with family members out of our busy lives. these moments are always memorable and I hope you would have enjoyed a lot.

Yes, really we enjoyed the food with family. These are memorable moments.

Sweet and complete family. I love South Indian food, specially Idly. I am living in Hyderabad right now. For food lovers, Hyderabad is the best place.

I am an Indian Traveler, You may like my Travel Blogs and Photography Blogs. Travel Series (Part #3) St. Lucia Island, A Romantic Getaway

Upvote & Follow. In Germany we just call it Indian food... we do not consider different regions... Best wishes to you!

I am a die-hard lover of south Indian food especially masala dosa. Nice Family brother.

Hello.. I am a new steemiter please help me and give me some upvot to increase myself...

It's a better way to enjoy the time with the family.

wow dear... looking delicious

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Nice pic

Very beautiful pictures and also the south Indian dishes is to much yummy.. I pray to God you may more success in life..

bro what is the name of this dish? can you tag me the location

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You are making me hungry now :(

Gracias por compartir.

Hi @mehta! Liked the pictures that you have shared in your other posts as well along with this one. Also, I noticed that your posts are getting a lot of upvotes and you have built a good reputation for yourself on Steemit. I am new to Steemit and would appreciate it if you could share some tips with me on how to build a following and an audience for my posts. Thanks!

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