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What are you up to?

The good lady asked in some puzzlement as she watched me arrange a pile of Scrabble letters in an oval pattern on the table, around which I had wrapped a couple of purple blankets.


I looked up, as if I had barely noticed her coming in.

What are you up to? Are you playing Scrabble without a board? What's this bit?

She gestured at a small bit of wood I had placed in the middle of my letters.


Oh this? It's a planchette. For my home made Ouija board!!

The good lady staggered back. Had she been sitting on a stool she would have fallen clean off.

A what!? A what? You can't make a Ouija board, they are evil!?

I laughed, sometimes it was easy for me to forget that the good lady was from a tiny fishing village in the North East of Scotland. There, they still burnt a boat every winter for good luck or some such tosh.


They're not evil, lass. In fact it's all to do with the involuntary movements of the hands on the planchette. It was originally a parlour game.

I rested a finger on the little planchette.

No. No, no, no. Stop it. I am not having that in this house. I don't want The little lady touching anything like that. Those things are bad.


I cut her off. The planchette had quivered under my finger and as we both looked down on it, it slid slowly across the table.

Are you doing that?

Whispered the good lady, her voice hoarse with fear.


I whispered back.

The blankets surrounding the table suddenly burst apart and a small figure leapt out.


Yelled the little lady as she sprung out of her hiding place.


Wargled the good lady, reeling back in fright.

Myself and the little lady laughed long and hard at the state of the mummy-bear who, for a moment, had looked like she was going to shit herself inside out with terror.

You have been upstairs cleaning for so long we got bored.

I said, grinning like an Irishman eating a shoe.

Hmmph, fine. I will stop with the cleaning for a while.

Grumbled the good lady.

And so we settled down to a game of kids Scrabble in which the little lady resoundingly beat us with an astonishing mishmash of made up words.

I love holidays!

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I once summoned a demon playing the Wheel of Fortune board game. Luckily, I hit bankrupt on the next spin and it returned to the Hell from which it spawned. You have to be careful with these things.


ah come on, do you believe these things? :O


Phew, that was a lucky break. They should warn you on the box!! :0D

an astonishing mishmash of made up words

I do hate it when people cheat at Scrabble like that!


Hehe, me too. It's hard to hold it in even when is your own daughter!!

The holidays certainly have their ups and downs but Scrabble is always a good time.


It totally is!

There's nothing quite like scaring a superstitious Pict.


Absolutely not. The blue painted ones are most savage!

That was a good prank by you and the little lady. It is good to have a laugh once in a while and closely knit family bonding. Upvoted!


Hehe, it was a fine prank. I am still laughing!

I do love a good game of scrabble, but played with the very young must be a new experience indeed! I suppose there aren't many 'challenges' and it's more laughter and giggles than strategy.

I hope you and yours have a fine New Year (it's only a day away now) and let's hope our crypto does well this year. Maybe I'll have to make a ouija board and ask the spirits what's what. ;)


The spirits may have more of a clue than any analyst. Lol!

It's all about the giggles and the laughing. Amy decent gameplay has to be put to the side!

@meesterboom Hello dear friend, playing with the table "Ouija" frete people is very bad is the worst thing you can do, in my province we are very superstitious, we are prone to believe in this kind of things, without a doubt a game much more healthy as a family is "Scrabble"
There is nothing more beautiful than spending time with family on this vacation
I wish you a wonderful night


Scrabble rules and Ouija is out!! :0D

I do miss playing scrabble though sometimes it really hurts my head trying to jumble all the letters to use most of my pieces!


Hehe, it can be a head scratcher indeed!



It's a very good exercise to sharpen your your brain though especially for kids.


I have defo found it is good for me! hehe

Oh, @meesterboom, the ouija is not played, do not tempt the spirits, hahaha. Scrabble is the best board game to share with your family and enjoy your holidays.

Happy holidays to you!


Hehe, fear not. It was only the Scrabble in the end!! Happy holidays to you!!

But it's again Monday for me tomorrow :3
Enjoy your holidays with the old lady :v


I will enjoy them for another week!! :0)

haha! that was a classic meesterboom, and it is immortalized on steemit! I hope they give you a generous amount of time off.


Hehe, it was a great trick.

I have for two weeks off although I am a large way through it now! Quite good I feel

Ohoho!! I just knew the little lady was in all of it! This is what I foresaw during my many trips to the future. A yearly tradition that has lived on to become a national past time. I'm happy to have read its origin!


She has a wild and mischievous soul that one!! Hehe!


That's what would make her a great leader!

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