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As one man's freedom is gained surely another's is lost... - meesterboom 2018

Daddy bear, Daddy bear!! Come through, look at this!!

Inside the kitchen, I grunted and removed the yoke from my shoulders. As I walked toward the entrance to the lounge to see what all the commotion was about I harrumphed out loud.

Don't see what the big song and dance is about every time he does a poo. It's just a bloody poo. Damn, maybe she wants me to change it?

I got to the doorway of the lounge.


Ye gods.

I sputtered.

Before me, the little boom stood. Wobbling about like a tramp on a bike.

Look at that. He's standing all on his ownsome!

I exclaimed.

It's better than that, keep watching!

The good lady beamed excitedly as if I had announced we were having Hasselback potatoes with dinner.


I watched the little boom. He gazed about from his standing position. He was ridiculously pleased with himself. He giggled and held his hands out unsteadily.

He's a stander!

I chuckled at the good lady.

She gave me a dark look because that is Glasgow slang for an erect penis. (A Stauner - pronounced staw-nuhr)

Keep watching.

She instructed.

Then it happened. The little boom swung a leg forward like a cowboy with a wet arse. Then he transferred his weight to it and swung the other one forward. All in all, he managed three steps before collapsing in an untidy heap with a giggle.


I picked him up and swung him around.

Aw my amazing little man, you're walking! You are a walker now! The world is yours for the taking!!

I grinned happily at the good lady who grinned back. This was awesome. What a milestone!

The good lady gave a contented sigh.

Of course, you know what this means, don't you?

She said.


I rolled my eyes about good-naturedly. A million things going through my head. The young man, taking his first steps in this crazy world. The opportunities that lay ahead of him. The fatherly advice I would dole out that he would ignore because we have all got to make our own mistakes. Schools, Universities, marriage. All of it flashed through my mind.

I felt a great weight of love and happiness coupled with awe at his first steps on this great journey we call life.

The good lady nodded. She obviously felt it too. She pointed at the corner of the room where my guitar and amplifier was.

All of that will have to go upstairs to the spare room. You are gonna have to tidy your stuff up. He is a walker now.

She stated firmly.

Ah. Tidy all my cool stuff up and hide it away? Not quite what was running through my head.


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Such an exciting time when the little one starts getting their walking legs. It is also the end of being forgetful in any way, shape or form. You can NEVER leave anything out or within reach again for fear of it being lost in the abyss of the toddler world. It is like the Bermuda Triangle. Congrats on the wonderful milestone for your little one!


I am quite excited! Besides all the tidying away it's so cute when they find their true land legs and toddle about. He is quite a grabber of things so I suspect many things will go missing

It is always funny - we get so excited when they start walking but goodness nothing is as fast as a toddler that started walking. Good luck with the 'toddler proofing'. Before you know it the amp comes down again and he jams with you


I am looking forward to the jamming!

Bugger lol. It is so true though. The erect little man will create havoc and nothing is safe. Playpen is needed as the first line of defence ,but if he is as smart as big Boom then nothing will stop him now.


Lol, I know. I have anyway been tasked with getting the dreaded door gates out of the garage. I bloody hate them!

Congratulations to the little boom that he took his first baby steps. Why must you keep the guitar and amplifier? Let him touch and explore. Maybe someday he will become a rock star! Upvoted!


He is more of a grab and pull kind of man. Dear not, one he is older he will get shown the beauty of the guitar!!

Mmm, yes, Hasselback potatoes. I love me some hasselback potatoes, though I do prefer hasselback salami just a tad bit.

That's basically the only think I took from your post ;)


It was the only worthwhile thing to take! Who doesnt love the hasselback!

Hide all your permanent markers NOW!


Hahahaha!! We did that the first time we're clear!!!

My daughter is 12, but we still have some of the hardware on the wall to attach baby gates to. All of the safety stuff turned out to be totally unnecessary. If we told her something was dangerous she would furrow her brow and call it "dunda." After that she would never touch it again. No explanation for how I ended up with a kid who follows rules.


My daughter is like that! It might be a girl thing, to be terribly unpolitically correct. There was only one time that she found a green marker, true to what she had been told she didn't write in the walls or anything, instead she cooked in her face. I was on duty so the good lady was less than impressed

@meesterboom congratulations dear friend, these little things are the ones that really matter, seeing our son walk for the first time is very exciting and priceless.
The good lady is right, now accept everything of value that could be broken.
Again, Congratulations to the whole family.
Today is a great day for a cold beer.


It was a day for a cold beer! As soon as they were all in bed, boom!


It was a day for
A cold beer! As soon as they
Were all in bed, boom!

                 - meesterboom

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Very special sale.
Only used on 4 previous kids.
1 extra length nail, long enough to penetrate one foot and go far enough into the floor, ground to stop any attempt at walking away.
Recommend changing feet daily to prevent the corkscrew effect.
This allows things to be left below waist height safely.


Hahaha, yeah, that would work!

Yay boomlet! It's always so exciting (and disgustingly and probably illegaly adorable) when they're staggering around for the first time XD And hey you could leave all the cool stuff out if you don't mind him playing with them XP Or chuck it in a playpen.


We are thinking a playpen might come in very handy!! But alas, the cool stuff is so getting chucked upstairs!

At least she didn't say it was time for a third! LOL Now, you know there won't be any peace for a while. Perhaps you should introduce him to the guitar? They learn quickly when they are young...


He loves hearing it, so did my daughter to the extent of me buying her a little one. She didn't go anywhere near it except to bang it angrily!

Wobbling about like a tramp on a bike. haha loving your work really good to see the wee ones grow. I've broke my foot so am wobbling about on crutches stay up 1!


Oh dear, hope that heals quick!

A walker, becomes a runner...it is an awful stage because you literally have to clear the house of everything. Luckily for the good lady, she's got you to do it all! LOL!


The clearing has been awful. It seems like most of the stuff I love but the little lady had been suffering too as all her little fiddly swallowable toys have been consigned to her room. Brotherly/sisterly relations are at an all time low!

oh yea into things climbing your gonna need a leash....child proof the cupboards, ..child proof the toilet...now that he is a walker your daughter will have to keep her things up too is she ready for a little brother in her things?...its a whole new world for the little tyke...lol

upvoted and resteemed


Ha, some of the child proofy stuff arrived today! I am in the middle of drawer fixing as we speak!

I still remember with joy when my son took his first steps, unaided by the use of his hands. He looked so determined. One of the great joys of parenting.


It's a magic moment to be sure. They are so proud of themselves in that magic innocent little person way!!

Toddlers are really messy creatures but just let them and then clean up later LOL @meesterboom


Messy I can take but destructive perhaps not!!

Awwww man!! The Mountain not only stood erect, but he literally moved!! Wooo! Damn these ninjas cutting onions, my blinders are moistening! I don't have a hand in any of it, but seeing the progress from fetus to walker has got me a bit emotional! Congrats, daddy! In a few months, you'll have an assistant that you can command, to grab beers and such! Your very own cute little Mont'riss!


Haha, more of he would be for to serve and carry that would be a wondrous thing! It was a special moment indeed though!!


I hope you got it on video!


I did!!! It's his record to date!


It shall sit in a museum somewhere decades from now, I'm sure!!


Am old dusty museum called YouTube, lol!

haha! congratulations on the Walker status of the little boom! Oh the joys and sacrifices of having kids. You only have another 18 years or so before you get your life back.
very fun post sir with a distant air of joy about it!


Why thank you mate! It was a special occasion indeed

hehehe so cool. :) Soon he will be getting into everything, then next he will be driving. haha my good friends have a baby that is almost 1 years old, I guess in a couple of weeks she turns one, and she can walk around a little bit now. It is way cute to see her walk, even more funny when she has a full diaper sagging down. hahaha


He has been reticent to carry on, I presume he is getting ready for the driving, lol!


hehehe yeah. His first words instead of "mommy" or "daddy" will be "keys please..." lol

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