Skully Pantsmas!!

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It is easy to forget at this time of year that not everyone celebrates Christmas.

If you do then I say Merry Christmas to you and those important to you. I hope you have a fantastic day.

If you don't celebrate it then I offer you an alternative.


That's right today can be about pants too. The skullier the better!!

But hey, they don't have to have skulls!!


Why not smash the system or God save yer baws.

Hurrah. Now I am off to get drunk and cook whilst wearing my lucky new pants!! :0D


Craneux Caleçonël, Meussieu Boum!

c'est les !! : 0D

amigo, Feliz navidad, deseo la pases muy bien al lado de los tuyos, Bendiciones!

¡Espero que todos tengan una gran Navidad también!

Hahaha! Please before you get drunk, make sure that you’ve read my comment here.

Your alternative is cool but if I may ask, does it applies to both ladies and gents?


Funny 😄

It applies to all, animals too!! :OD

Those look awesome! The anarchy BawBags!!!! Nice!

They are rather good, merry chrimbo mate!

Too funny! Just remember these are not for " meet and greet". All the best to you and yours for the new year!

I will do my best to remember, all the best to you and yours mate!

Sugar skulls!💀 i don't mind getting caught with my pants down in those.

Sugar skulls are the best!

I wonder whose a little salty about receiving underwear as a Christmas gift? ;) Don't want to make you feel bad or anything, but I'm still stuffing myself with coffee chocolate truffles...

Lol, I loved the things!! I only hope it was not an implied criticism of the ones I had before lol!

I am still stuffing myself till the second of January! ;O)

It's Festivus, for the rest of us!

A joyous celebration with an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole, practices such as the "Airing of Grievances" and "Feats of Strength", and the labeling of easily explainable events as "Festivus miracles"

That looks like the game for me!!

There was a young man who got pants
And loved them at very first glance
But honey dripped on em
To sweeten his bottom
And now he is crawling with ants

Boom boom, I love a good Limerick!!!

He does not remember you at the holidays except the close ones be like him this are perfect friends 😉

Cool shorts! Merry Christmas!!

Btw, what you drinking this Xmas?

Merry Christmas. Elvis Juice and dogtoberfest beers! You?

Rum and Egg Nog! I usually can't stand Egg Nog, but anything with rum in it is OK by me!

Rum is the great leveller!!

Merry critsmass bro

Let's meet them crits up dude!

Happy Skully Pantsmas! At the back of my mind, I kind of thought skulls would be involved in this year's gift by the family. I always thought the electric drums were a stretch, so it's nice to see a gift that has garters on it haha! I feel like this was as great as you would've received the electric set. Anything from the heart is always magical! I hope you and the family had a wonderful one, Boombrother!

Ah the drums... Even I knew they were a stretch. I still have my eye on them. Perhaps when the little boom is older!! :0)

Perhaps when The Mountain is older, he would take up interest with the drums and let you have a go at it from time to time. With his permission of course. At least you'll have a physical drummer there to jam with! And, I, well... I'll stick to playing the Ukelele in the background, or maybe even the triangle haha!

Perhaps when The Mountain is older, he would take up interest with the drums and let you have a go at it from time to time. With his permission of course. At least you'll have a physical drummer there to jam with! And, I, well... I'll stick to playing the Ukelele in the background, or maybe even the triangle haha!

Ah, but are they the style the well-bred gentleman around town would wear? While they would be good for decrying food things like Phenols, would they stand up to a golly game 'Burdy or Turdty"?

I would hope they would never have to play such a game! ;0)

This is awesome; now I get to have a Merry Christmas and a Skully Pantsmas, and they are on the same day! Here's hoping your holidays are cheery, by any name.

I hope yours were too mate!!

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Was that Santa's gift? :D
Merry Christmas to you man!

It was, part of it at least! I was quite taken with them. Merry Christmas to you dude!

I hope you're not so drunk to read my message.
This is a very good and creative alternative dear friend @meesterboom, who will enjoy your lucky pants.
I wish you a wonderful day

Never too drunk to read, talk yes ;0)

Cheers mate, available wonderful day to you!

Too funny meester
Is it possible to celebrate both or is that just wrong

Merry Skully Pantsmass!
First tradition is the soiled pants off!

Oh yes, both is fine!! ;0D

Skully Pants - that's something I've been missing for a long time.
Now I know what I need for Christmas to be complete!

It's the final piece in the puzzle!!

Haha nice! Have fun and Skully Pantsmas! :)

And a very skully pantsmas to you too! :0D

Now you're ready for the holidays.

I am indeed!!

Skully Pantsmas! I see Santa brought you so extraordinary gifts! Wear them in good health! And have an extra Skully Pantsmas drink on me! What are you cooking?

I am cooking a big gibbet of pork with lots of chillis and smokiness!!

Hehe, they are quite extraordinary. I hope you are having a feast!

We had ours on Friday with all the family from out of town. Two had to work today! I cooked up a huge smoked ham with all the trimmings. Ate, drank and were merry! You do the same today!

I am in the process of it! Sounds great! Cheers to you!

Haha pleasant! Have a ton of fun and Skully Pantsmas

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@meesterboom SKULLY PANTSMAS!! Vs Christmas
I would prefer Christmas and a white one if I have a choice.
Merry Christmas to you and you family :) crack me up...upvoted and resteemed

Happy Merry Christmas enjoy your holidays

Merry Christmas

ha ha ha very funny...!!! Merry Christmas with Pantsmas...! to you. Enjoy your Pantmas Dear
@meesterboom ....!!!!!!!

So much vibrant and full of graphics, you really take care of your little creature. 😁😁

One must watch the little creatures carefully! :0)

pretty Skully Pantsmas
Christmas is about spending time with family and friends. It’s about creating happy memories that will last a lifetime. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

I agree, merry christmas to you and tour family too!

Good job and nice post

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