Maybe I should be more clear. A couple lines set me off, but I've been watching this community for a LONG time, and I thought it would be a good time to say a 4 is a goddamn 4 and nothing else.

Aaah! I looked, I know what you mean. The meaning seen that is not there. It's kinda hilarious that people have to show everything into their own current world view.

My first thought when I saw it was, hey, it's 40 bucks for an ounce here too. Lol!!

I thought it was a good deal!

The whole thing got me thinking though. Normally, under a different set of circumstances, oh, say, like before, when the four wasn't being used derogatorily, that joke, would have been a 'hit'. Who would vote for it though after they saw the comments below? They wouldn't want to be associated with it, correct? And because I wasn't there to correct them, it appears as if I'm fine with it and creates the illusion the 40 was meant to be derogatory.... but goddammit dude I didn't even think of that.

Living in a world where I have to be careful about numbers scares the fuck outta me.

It's shit when you have to be careful. I hate double thinking what I am writing sometimes. I mean, I wrote what I please but sometimes I look at something and think, oh shit, they will be coming for me next!

What I was seeing was early warning signs.

Wouldn't it be screwed up if we suddenly found ourselves in a world where 4 is just as taboo as the N-word or that other F-word? Notice how I won't say those words? I notice that in countries where people call cigarettes that word, they won't even use that word to refer to cigarettes in a place like this. That's absurd. It means cigarette. Yet some will refuse to acknowledge the intention and context and insist they meant something else.

We were just talking about prudes. It's those prudes who get society into these situations. They're the ones calling people 'toxic' as well.

Every time I write the F word I have to put an explanation in brackets after it and a joke. Which is annoying.

However, I am looking forward to getting a couple of tasty faggots in my mouth later tonight.


Those faggots would be banned in Canada.

It was only a few lines but ... that's enough to set me off.

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