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RE: I Have A Little Secret To Share With Everyone!

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Actually, I walked my dog in the park today. It was a nice day for it. We sat, on a cool little bench under a big spreading oak tree and my dog looked up at me and said, You don't have a dog.

Oh yeah, who the fuck are you then, idiot dog.

I said, thinking, I will show the little prick.

The dog paused then SCREAMED, its mouth opening impossibly wide and suddenly I was in ITS MOUTH and I was SCREAMING and then I realised that the dog was not really a dog?!?! It was my self-loathing and it was EATING ME ALIVE.


I like creativecoin. Even the new tab is good and relatively spam free!


See! A few minutes of bullshit turns into magic! All because you walked your imaginary dog...

I'll be honest, I've been seeing a bit of spam in the new tag. Not much though and it's certainly easier on the eyes than steemit's 'new' tab. I can usually find something new. Last night was dead though, so I started rambling out this post. You know as well as I do though, many creative types left. I haven't seen @brandt or @therealpaul for quite awhile and I'm sure if I kept naming names, the list would get long.

All because you walked your imaginary dog...

Oh the dog is quite real my friend... it's @meesterboom who is imaginary..

if you want to see a good CC i would suggest the beautiful @marpa

Oh no, there's a twist I hadn't seen!!

Yeah, it does make you a bit sad when you see who is gone. TheRealPaul was a great guy as well as Brandt, I sometimes come across a name and think, oh man, theyve gone.

Now, where did I put my self-loathing... I mean, Dog!

Brandt would turn a not so simple hike into the mountains and a few photos into something I couldn't stop laughing at. I still laugh thinking about Kevin the mountain goat. RealPaul is a creative genius. One man band. Solid writing, art, and music. That's hard to come by...

I couldn't agree more. 8 also totally agree with the thing you said about the creative people that come and then abandon doing what they love it came here to do in pursuit of those shiny coins and chanted who they were for it before becoming disillusioned. I hope this hardfork forks things up a bit

I heard countless times, in so many words, the stuff WE do doesn't work here. Try telling that to us though. They just didn't keep at it.

I don't know what this hardfork will achieve but seeing some of it work perfectly fine within the tribes helps boost my confidence. I still have my doubts the people will actually own their own decisions though. Doing dumb things and blaming the code will still exist.

It's all about blaming anything else! We will still see that. I hope the hardfork brings something and has been tested properly, that's all I ask!

Do you want fries with that?

I'd like some fries. I thought I'd reply here, where most people won't notice, to say thanks to you and @meesterboom for the positive words. It means a lot. I'll be back to writing soon, I think, just as soon as I can refine the new style I want to experiment with. Sadly I had to kill and eat Kevin the mountain goat, but desperate times require desperate measures. I think he would have tasted better with fries but all I had was grubs and bark.