Juicy Juicy and Red Orange Beers!

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Let the Gods sing! It's Saturday and that means beers of yore ready to pour!

I have worked like a Trojan this week. Real work, like with my hands and stuff. As a result I have a mouth like a camels sandwich or whatever they say.

What can sate my almighty thirst?

Two crackers this week, one an IPA and the other from the consistent knocking it out of the park Wiper and True Brewery, a red orange beer.

Let's go!



This is quite the striking big can. The design seems to be a giant gorilla masturbating with one hand and holding a banana in the other.

I made the same face... See for yourself!


Well how does the cheeky young fellow pour?


Hot flaming donkeys!! Look at the beauty of that hazy golden joy that just came plopping out of the can!!

It looks incredible. I have my wet on.

So let me taste it.

Mmm, it's rather good! The can says NE IPA. I have no idea what that means. It's most definitely a hazy IPA. It's strongly hoppy with a profoundly bitter aftertaste. One which is good and claggy in the mouth.


It's a beer you could have several of in the sun (as you can see) whilst telling your friends about the time you punched a tree.

A solid 7.5/10 booms!




Well well well, my old friend Wiper and True. The last two beers I have tried from these guys have been hong donkers. Which is high praise indeed. Can they stay at the top?


Another fine looking beastie!

It is a deep reddish brown with a fine white head.

It, like other ones from this Brewery has a fair bit of sediment. At first it gives me pause.


But I trust the crazy chaps from W&T. Here goes.

Mmm, tis a fine beer. The label claims it to be sweetly hoppy with a backbone of orange. It is sweetly hoppy for sure but I am missing the orange.

I can almost detect it on the aftertaste but that's about it. Nevertheless it is a good beer. One which would go down well on a night on the sauce.

I think this will have to be a draw with the juice IPA!! 7.5/10 booms, incredible!

Well, as always, I am here to drink beer so you don't have to.

As ever, a short video is in order.

Enjoy your weekend!


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The beer is actually "juice" made from four basic ingredients: Barley, water, hops and yeast. It looks, actually tastes much more cheerful than a giant gorilla masturbating with one hand and holding a banana in the other.
And black color on the first can looks like the beer is Alistair Crowley's product...
Ooh, I sound now like a First Class gossiper as I don't drink at all...

My point is when I see that kind of packaging like the first one, I would get sick and escape from it immediately...


The packaging on the first one is a bit over the top thats for sure! Black is never a good colour I think for a beer packaging unless it is a black beer!

On the subject of it on;ly being the four ingredients, so true. I am going to give it a bash this summer!

Well, I must say that the first one has nice head. I was disappointed that it was bitter... I thought it wouldn't be with the light golden sunshine color.

NE IPA is New England Indian Pale, a craft style.



New England, aaaha!! I getcha! I was half hoping someone would tell me because I was too lazy to google it :OD Cheers m'dear! And Welcome back!

juice factor with the addition of blood orange juice. Capital’s head brewer Wade Hurley says “it’s my favourite beer right now” and describes it as “fresh, juicy and well balanced.”

The collaboration is the result of a friendship between the band, Capital Brewing Co director Rich Coombes, and Cattleyard Brewing Co director Blake Smith – which formed over a mutual passion for tasty beers after the band’s numerous visits down under in recent years.

download (10).jpg


I bet the orange would balance it out well! Top notch! Are you drinking it just now?

As a result I have a mouth like a camels sandwich or whatever they say.

Hahha certainly this is not the way its being said

The design seems to be a giant gorilla masturbating with one hand and holding a banana in the other

Ohh meesterboom thats certainly not what the innocent gorilla is doing either...😵you just ruined my fancy for it lol

The red orange looks more like a brown orange, i guess i might just be interested in that meesterboom

Have a great weekend


I am almost one hundred percent convinced that that is indeed what the gorilla is doing!! ;O)

I hope you have a good one too!


😂thank you

Ahhh, I forgot about the time difference - and here is your post already! LOL. That first beer is a beautiful golden colour! If I drank beer (or anything else), I might actually want to try that one, hehehe! :D


Hehe, it was a beautiful colour and I did deliberately pose it in the sunlight to make it even more so!!

Hot Flaming Donkeys.. LOL.... YES!!! I always look forward to Boom Saturday Beerfest. That IPA looks amazeballs!!! I was expecting darker. It has been a long week and a longer Saturday. I could use about a dozen of those right now!!!


Then I say get started on that dozen!!

The IPA was pretty good, strong too. I would get it again :0)

well, look at you all cocky with a tasty IPA and a red orange colored beer. Both sounded rather tasty, I think your description of the IPA can was spot on, how else to explain that missing hand, am I correct? I have to wonder who was the brainac that came up with a name for a brewery called Wiper and True, WTH?
I see you have fallen in love with the video messages, and I say, keep it up (if you can, wink wink).
When you said you worked like a Trojan I initially thought you meant, you kept spuz from impregnating some woman, but then I realized you meant yeomans work.

I went the Cinco De Mayo celebration route today with my two beers. Ole!


Yeomans work! Exactly! I shall pop by your blog player when my voting power get back nearer the magic 85 :0)

For a second there I thought you had a steem logo on your glass. Perhaps you should have your own special set of steemglasses made for these posts!


Perhaps I should! It is exactly like a steemit log on its side. It's the baltika logo!

The rest of the warrior, bravo friend, you deserve a few beers and I like your post as a taster. I am also a lover of that drink and good wine. Greetings.


Good to hear! Cheers!

This will definitely not reach my end... May will use the fourth Hokage's yellow flash to snatch one from you house I guess lol...


Haha, that would be a handy trick!

That golden color makes me want to try it. Have a great weekend!


It really looked amazing, I hope you come across it! Cheers and have a good one too!

I share the same as you!
Today is Saturday and the body knows ...
hahaha, we say in my country.

I like the image of the can, it is very original. To save it from collection.
The truth that in the video you put the same face of the gorilla .... Very funny.

That you enjoy an excellent weekend.



I hope you have an excelent weekend too! :OD



This weekend is just to go to church and pray for your soul that is probably going to rot in hell, my soul is also going to go to hell, the difference is that I will not have beer so that the heat is not so agoviante lol


We can catch up in hell and plan how we are going to change up the joint!


Sounds great! I can take the fried chicken for when we starve, oh good fry it in hell: 3

Wait, what?? Is that Morris in the cover!? Let the Juice Loose is a fine name for sure! With the rep Wiper & True have built up, doesn't this one seem to be a disappointment?

Once again, thank you for doing us all this service. You're inebriated, so we don't have to be. I hope you had a well deserved shit, Boomjuice!


It could be Morris!!

I felt it was a disappointment but tried to be objective and judge it in its own merits. Damn, it was disappointing though lol!!

Well, we can say that the tasting test today was good (15/20); so you can continue drinking a little more of them ... Your comment of the Wiper and True on "One which would go down well on a night on the willow", reminded me the dish pernil (pig leg), to the oven that we make in Christmas and to which we can put some wine or beer.

Greetings @meesterboom


That looks like a fine piece of meat!

I've "sampled" many a beer in the past 50 years, and still, I'm not a true connoisseur. I just like a couple brands, and i'll stick to them. As long as the desire effect is reached...quiet, and simple bliss, with an occassional need to piss, i'm good. My poison of choice: 0006206705162_0_A1C1_0600.png


I have never tried that one. I like many but have my favourites too :0)

you have done it again dear friend @meesterboom, I must admit that I had no knowledge of these, I loved, although a little showy the container of the first beer.
today we are disgusting a fresh beer cans
that enjoy your weekend and salut dear friend


Ah salud @jlufer! Splendid picture. I see you have them well trained to bring the beer!

I love tasting different beers - we have a lot of craft beer festivals which we attend - I tried to 'school' my mom once in different beers, did not go off well, she just hates it hahaha. Thank you for showing us all these interesting beers, you sure get a wide variety there where you live.


I like going to those festivals too. A great time to be had at them!


O you know it - and the next day we say 'not again' hahaha

I like the short video myself! How about doing more videos during the taste test? Aww, but that would mean you would need an extra hand or two. But that would make it a party, wouldn't it?


Hehe, our would require more hands! Hmm. I am not sure!

Those beers are really nourishing your ....


The CHIN is going to get you!!! :0D

Two solidly rated beers, woot! I am compiling a ginormous list of must try and must buy thanks to you me lovely boom ;)

I am a bit groggy having partied hard for my bro's album release- I don't know if it's like this by you, but if they have Paulaner Hefeweizen on tap at a bar it is served in a Super fucking tall glass, and despite it not having a high ABV the sheer amount of it you end up drinking makes up for it haha!


Hehe, I have had it many times and I love the big skinny tall glass. It makes you drink loads!

I hope it taste good. I love the packaging for let the juice lose, would have loved to have a taste but IU don't think we have it in my country


One day perhaps, I am sure you have equally good stuff... or better!

The beer is already looking tasty 😋... Cheers to you


Hehe, cheers!

This is the most amazing big can. The design appears to be a giant gorilla masturbating with one hand and holding a banana in the other.

This is too much fun! lol enjoys your beers and the weekend break


I shall and I hope you do too!


I'm sure you will.