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Branches whipped against my face and my breathing came in short gasps as I powered through the trees.

I could hear the baying of the mob behind me, I was so close to escape and yet I could feel the strength ebb from my weary limbs as I leapt over yet another twisted mass of fallen branches.

The forest was thick here.

I heard an excited yelping off to my left.

I didn't know if I would make it.

I reached deep within and put everything I had into a final burst of speed.

Trees and green whipped by in a blur until finally the cries of the baying mob were muted and low behind me. I could hear their shouts puzzled now, no longer victorious with the thought of capturing their prey.

I spotted a fallen tree with a ditch partly hidden by a glossy leaved bush.

That would do. I could stop here.

I slid down and into the gap under the tree, pulling branches and debris from the forest floor to cover the entrance. The blood was roaring in my veins and my breathing little better. I swallowed great gulps of air and listened.

I couldn't hear them now.

All was still.

Some of the tension lifted from my shoulders.

Had I truly escaped? I don't think that anyone ever had.

A twig cracked nearby and I froze. I was fairly hidden in my under-tree den but was it enough?

Some leaves rustled and I tensed. Ready to fight, tooth and nail.

Nothing. Then a scurrying sound. Some small woodland animal darted past.

Everything was going to be ok.

This time I truly relaxed. The sun dappled through the green and the call of birds echoed back and forth. I think I had made it.

My phone's ringer sounded. It's strident tone shattering the peaceful silence.


I whispered into it.

Daddy-Bear, where the fuck are you?

It was the Good Lady. She sounded pissed.

I'm under a tree, hiding.

I said, my tone hushed but urgent.

Jesus. Get back here. You are not meant to take this so fucking seriously?! It's only a fucking game for the kids?! So hurry up and get back, it's den building next.

She hung up.

Grumpily I dragged myself out of the hole.

Pfft, she was just annoyed that I won.

I mumbled to myself as I dusted the mud off my knees.

Grumpily, I headed off back to the Off-Grid Kidz basecamp to build a den with the rest of the losers.

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A full grown man, playing childish games...!?!?!?

I kinda like that about you Mr. Boom :>)

It keeps me young!! I love em! :0D

A shame you couldn't have stayed there all day? :)

Hehe, aye. It was quite good. I'm pure knackered now!!

Hahaha, awesome.
Somehow the story got me thinking of this guy.
Guess you know him too.

Haha, quality!! I loved Steve!!

RoFL you're such a dag XD

Wait til the kids are a bit older, then you can play serious hardcore chasey like some of my characters play :D (parkour and beating up your opponents until someone gives up is optional I suppose but takes the fun out of it XP)

That's the bit I am looking forward to, I am already slightly in trouble for hurting my daughter's smile in a race when my foot darted our and tripped her... By accident of course ;0)

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That's fantastic, I was wondering about the whole marlians thing. I will check it out!

Ha, love the suspense and the twist. Damn those phonecalls at inopportune moments, revealing your hideout to the zombies!

Hehe, cheers!!

I know, next time I will have to put that thing on silent!

You had me there for a while I was not sure what to expect but I certainly wasn't expecting it all to be a game and you so competitive. You certainly created such a gripping scene, I enjoyed this piece x

Cheers!! And what a game it was!! Even though I won it didn't feel like it :0D

My daughter told us the other day we are getting worse than teenagers again..... bla bla bla - then we laugh and she does not find it funny. Who says there is an age limit to having fun and showing everyone how it is done?

Hehe, I agree. There is absolutely no limit. That will show them!!

When I read the first few paragraphs, I thought I was reading an action novel but I was disappointed when the Good Lady called you to say it was a game for the kids. The transitioning in the story was superb! Upvoted!

Hehe! Yeah it was just another day! :0)

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