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What shall we do with all this freedom!?

Said the Good Lady stopping for a moment to give a little pirouette in the street.

I stubbed out my wishful thinking cigar on a nearby car bonnet and grinned back at her.

Well my darling, now that the Little Lady has started back at school, the world is our oxster!

I twirled at my magnificent waxed moustache that whilst existing only in my imagination was a thing of handsome beauty.

I've been dying to try that new cafe on the hill. Shall we?

Gushed the Good Lady, her eyes sparkling.

Hmm. Or we could crack open a bottle of prosecco and pour it over our naked bodies in the garden?

I suggested with a devilish wink.

Too cold.

Said the Good Lady her lips thinning with disapproval.

We could drive to Ardnabeg and drink wine whilst eating their fine crabs. Watch the sunset from the beach whilst snuggling under a blanket?

The Good Lady at least gave that one a moments consideration before dashing it on the cruel rocks of marriage.

Too far. Besides, we do have to pick the Little Lady up this afternoon after school.

Her face brightened.

We could go into town, there is a display on at the Gallery of Modern Art I've been wanting to see?

I made a face as if the shit I was trying to pass was a brutish monster with three heads.

The gallery of modern art? Ewegghg.

I finished my statement with the noise that pig's make when they are sitting on someone's lap and realise the person is wearing leather trousers.

Well, we could...


Our deliberations were shattered by the Little Boom yelping indignantly from his pram.

We both looked down at him guiltily.

Oops, not so free after all.

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Our deliberations were shattered by the Little Boom yelping indignantly from his pram.

The harsh outcome of:

Hmm. Or we could crack open a bottle of prosecco and pour it over our naked bodies in the garden?

If only it were... If only it were... :0)

...the world is our oxster!

Did you miss a leading 'B' off here? Nice!

Ahh balls, a few more years until both will be out of your hands at once. And then, naked champagne time!

I am living for the days of cheap champagne and nakedivity!!!

Is oxter a Scottish word? Lol, I thought it was universal!

Aren't we all :)

Could be, but my dictionary is slight, I was thinking you'd scraped the old car for a Porsche :D

It would have to be one of those matchbox porsche's!! hehe :OD

Had to look up oxter - thought you meant to type oyster - nope Scottish slang word it seems

Hehe, I didn't even realise it was a Scottish slang word!

Ooooooops, a few more years to go yet. Then, when both kids are at school you will have forgoten why you wanted some free time together.

Three years and counting till the forgetting!!!

you will need the illustrated Karma Sutra by then.

Imagine the Little Boom's first day of school.

The good lady is crying as you drop him off.

Then, within 5 minutes of leaving the school/bus ... she'll turn to you with a sly smile on her face .... "Maybe we should make another.?"

You have from now until that fateful day to figure out what your response will be.

I don't need all that time, I know the answer now!



My answer to that one was "nah I'm done" as well.

Still managed to have 3 -_- lol

I physically don't think I could do another, I mean, I am quite sure I could manage the making but not the rearing through the first three years!

I was wondering the whole time where he is - guess also at school - o well not too long then both of them are in school.....being a teacher I am in that happy state now of being on school holiday with no kids and flying to the sea tomorrow for a long girl's weekend... I will have to read all the posts when I return because it is a techno and child and man free zone... lots of alcohol and food permitted. Whooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo

Woohoo! That sounds magic! I hope you have a fabby time!

Thank you very much - I have a suspicion it will be fun

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