Danger Town Beers!

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Tonight we're going down.

Were going down, to...


Well, hot donk and no mistake. This is gonna be wild! Wild, I tells ya. I have more bourbon barrel-aged beer than you can shake a stick at!

And I am no stranger to shaking my stick at things.

So what gives?

There I am, minding my own business when not one but two Maple based, Bourbon Barreled beers fall into my lap. My first thought was yippee!! I mean, who doesn't love a bit of that sweet maple?

My second thought however was Oh oh, Danger Town!

Both of the maple-laden bourbon joy-bombs are up in the 12% alcohol by volume region! I mean, that's wine territory!.

I have always said I would rather be bold than old, so let's get our Maple'y Bourbon Beer hats one!

First up...


New York eh? I have heard of this place. Apparently, it's all that or something. Big Pizzas and stuff.

But can their brewers hubble bubble boil and trouble themselves up some beer magic? Let us see. The Brewers in question being Evil Twin, who have quite the imagination to come up with this beast.

Pouring time!


Inky black with tiny little bubbles fumbling up from the depths to form a shallow white head. The stench of bourbon is fleeing off it as if I am in a lift with a Tennessee farmer who can't stop farting.

I'm scared but I'm gonna face that fear!

Bloody fuck!? Like, that's mental. I swear to God. It stinks of octane and wine and sweet brown sugar and tastes like it too. Any taste of maple is drowned out by the barrel ageing.

Don't get me wrong, I still like it but it's not the maple/bourbon experience I was hoping for. Hmm, I will give it an 8/10 booms for the sheer balls of the stuff.


This one is almost exactly the same kind of beer. A maple flavoured Imperial Stout. It claims to have Fenugreek in it too which can make a man regular if he has too much, yikes? Like the last, it too is 12.5%.

I am swaying slightly after finishing the last, hey ho.

Bring it on!


Jet black on the pour, inky like the bottom of a deep ocean. Here's hoping there are none of them scary skull-face fish with the glowy lure hanging about, whatever the fuck they are.

I can't stop staring at it. It's like a black hole with the head being the event horizon.

Oh god, hang on. Am I actually drunk after that last can? It was bloody massive and strong.

Right, here goes!

Someone play Tiny Dancer on my beef Kazoo!! This is magnificent!!

Everything is balanced perfectly. The maple, strong, sweet but subtle too. Chocolate, bourbon, vanilla, malt. It all shines through and works perfectly.

This can get no less than a mighty 10/10 BOOMS!!!


What a weekend! What a night! What a tasting!

I'm off for more of the same.

Have a good weekend everyone!



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Fisting with a Jack Daniels drenched glove? Yeah totally family show stuff, hahaha!

Second one seems awesome indeed, two of those and it's a knock out, I guess. 😁

Proost, have a great one!

Proost to you mateychops!! I hope you have had a good day!

Yeah the second was like a perfect example to the first as to how its done! I could have ten of them. Well at least I could have fun trying :OD

Had a great day mate, thanks. It was fun with Smasssh. And we enjoyed quite a few beers. 😁🍺👍

Can image it would be fun to see how many you could manage to drink of the second one. Probably at the third it would be tough to remember the count.

"Zis is nomba foo, fur, faar, bicycles, stop gigling you nuns, or I put the saddle back on, oor wuz it vaaif, seks, that is German, four, sure, that was it, now I remember!"

Hope you had a great day too.

'stop gigling you nuns, or I put the saddle back on'


(see also my comment to Chief Mastertree)

Have a GREAT one and thanks again.

😁 You are very welcome Amigo.

Ah thats excellent. I am glad to hear you had a good time with some good beers!

I can imagine it being exactly like that!! lolz!!


Us (@oaldamster and myself) both being the "silent" type of guys, we didn't had much to say to eachother actually during the 7 hours we've spent yesterday.
It's bloody difficult to get a conversation going when both have to pull the words out of eachothers mouth as yo can imagine. Hahaha.

Anyway, just to say that if you come over to visit him you won't be disappointed. Enough (good) beer and food, not to speak about subjects (and not only Steem) to talk about. Had (again) a great time with a great guy.

I works be more than happy for more subjects than steem to be discussed, Heh heh!!

I can imagine the stony silence... As if!! Sounds tops!

both being the "silent" type of guys,


If you ever feel like quitting your job and getting drunk all day, I'm certain you'd still be able to pay the bills doing this show. Just have to lengthen it and drink more, that's all. Yes, I know I'm a bad influence.

Hehe, it's awfully tempting to make it a bit longer and do exactly that!

Bad influence is the best influence!

And that's why there's nothing wrong with being under the influence!
...which is basically how I'm spending my Saturday.

It's a fine thing for a Saturday. It suits a Saturday best, the influence undering!!

I just can't help but wonder what kind of mess I'll make if I keep sitting here, as I'm, The Drink.

Lol. Swaying after one can. Glad the second one was great though and I am sure you will be flying like a kite already.

I am a tiny bit drunk. Yes indeedy! It was a large can of sway'y goodness! Or maybe it was the fresh air ;O)

Scottish sunshine more like it.

It has been sorely lacking these last days!

12.5% big can. yikes! That made me want to try a dark one. unfortunately we don't really have those things over here because the govt banned micro-breweries. :(

That's such a shame. I can understand sometimes there can be concerns over quality or illegal hooch but banning them is just rubbish

I recommend you trying this taste test again, but in reverse order, just in case that last 10/10 was awarded due to intoxication.

PS: How's that patch of lawn doing? ;D

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The little patch of grass head suffered no ill effects. I thought it might die but it seems to be fond of the beer, lol.

The second world have been a ten in any order! :0D

All the more reason to taste test again. 😁
The grass has obviously been so deprived of beer that it appreciates anything it can get.

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Hehe I literally don't think I have it in New to try anything that strong for a while!!

So are you currently drunk or passed out now after those two? 🤣

Posted using Partiko iOS

I was quite drunk I think. I certainly feel as if I was this morning!

@meesterboom Hello dear friend, time without reading a very punctuation in both beer, you have opted an average of 9/10 almost perfect. Apparently the more alcoholic graduation you have, the better.
Cheers dear friend.DSCN0573.JPG

Cheers mate! I love your big beer mug!!

Did you say there was 'beef' in that last one, or is is that Begbie accent of yours I'm failing to pick up on :)

Your gonna have to up the stakes.. this 12% is getting kind of normal. That or...

I spotted some skags in Rochdale drinking Kestrel from cans only last week. You still can get that dire stuff, green cans too!

Your decipherment is getting more incisive by the day!

I did say beef but didnt mean it in the meaty way :OD

12% man, its making me all horse ridey!

Kestrel, lol. That's hilarious. I think I might do a shit beer week after all. I might do more than two!

I did say beef but didnt mean it in the meaty way :OD

Aha, I have been chomping on too much cow lately, could be that, !CHOPS 5

Kestrel, lol. That's hilarious.

I may have to tell the world about Rochdale, Lancs and its inhabitants. never seen a place like it.. and where the fuck do you buy Kestrel these days?

I think I might do a shit beer week after all. I might do more than two!

Asda Smart Price Beer?

Ooft, generic supermarket beer. It would have to be at least Skol/Kestrel type stuff!! hahahahahah.

I wonder what that stuff tastes like though, hehe

Look at you and your tokens, cghers!!

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I see trouble coming with this maple/bourbon experience .

Oof, you see it right. I do not feel quite with it today!!

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