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There are words "Change the view, life will change". Yes I am talking about the power of positive thinking. I already published a series over here. I have discussed the details. I tried to clarify all things from different perspectives. In its continuation, today I will discuss the details in the fourth and final phase.

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The first step of success is self-confidence.

I believe I can

The player is the person who does not raise fingers at others and takes responsibility on his shoulders and takes action during the critical situation. He is the person whose attitude is positive and who is truly a workman or an idiot. Now the biggest question is - are you an audience or a player?

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Your evil past does not mean that your future will be the same. Whatever happened, it's happened. You can not change it from the past. Remember, you have to write a story and the last chapter of your life

Be careful your conversations - they will be your actions

There is some kind of difference between the expression of a player and an audience to understand his situation. Take a closer look at the types of interpretations described below and see if your answer falls in a class-

Audience says whatPlayer says what
I do not have timeI'll take time out
This has happened because of you.See what I did
Boss has put more work than I canBoss gave me more work because I could do this
That was where I had nothing to doI was not really ready for it
It is not possibleIt seems very difficult, but I can try it.
Luck is not favorable to meI think there is something wrong

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Seeing the answers above, you can reach a conclusion that you are an audience or a player. If the majority of your answers mingle with the audiences, then you need to do something to change the way you look at life. The following tips will help the player to develop a relaxed attitude in your life.

The way to become a player

The following tips will help you to become a player

  • Positive thinking is a decision, apply positivism to all your thoughts.
  • Take responsibility and develop Response-Ability. Do not blame others.
  • Draw yourself as a success. See, success will come.
  • Build Attitude "I can do". As Steve Jobs says, whatever you have around you, what you call life is made up of people who are not smarter than you. If they could, you could better then.
  • No obstacle is bigger than you; Break all the barriers
  • Start taking small steps, do not blame others or situations if any mistakes or problems arise. Be pro-active.
  • Never, ever, never give up.


Are you stuck in an escalator

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Missing tiles syndrome

Suppose you are sitting in a room. Looking at all the floor tiles, you noticed that there is no tiles. Where will you get your attention? Your focus will be focused on those non-tiled tiles.
Likewise, if we have any small shortage, little loss and no shortage in our lives, despite all other good aspects, we concentrate on the things that are not there. This is how our brain is made. We look at the lack of life or the committees. We pay close attention to negative topics or give more importance to the aspects of life.


For example

  • When someone with a bald head entered the room, he first saw how many people there had hair on their heads
  • When someone with a bald head entered the room, he first saw how many people there had hair on their heads
  • Because we are like this, we focus more on those non-available tiles of our lives.

Briefly say

  • Missing tiles barriers to peace in our lives
  • You always have missing tiles in your life. Maybe your job position, relationship, childhood, overall satisfaction in life. And in this case, the list is not finished.

What can we do

We have two ways for the missing tiles of our life

  • Look at the tiles we have, that is, we pay attention to what we have received in life and in whatever situation we have. Such as social dignity, growth, health, family-as good as in our lives
  • Or just focus on the missing tiles that are not available in our lives

Our happiness depends on being content with what we have.

So pay attention to what you have got in life and be happy.

Law of Association

Did you know Your expenses are equal to the average of ten people among those who come close to you? It implies that when you are in the company of people who are more successful than you, you must find some hints, experiences, and lessons that will lead your life. So you should spend time with people who are more successful than you.
So to improve your life you need to do.....

  • Stay in the company of those people who are more successful than you as a person, in a professional field, and in family life.
  • Learn from those who are experienced in their respective fields, and make themselves better.
  • There are always more progress opportunities. So if you think you're the fastest runner on your track, now it's time to change your track.
  • If you're the smartest person in the room, you're also in the wrong room.
  • Choose circles that will take you forward and make you even better.
  • Avoid the toxic people who take away your power, positiveness, or those who disappoint you.

Circle of Influence

Stephen and Kevey discussed a theory titled "The Circle of Influence and the Circle of Concern" in his famous book "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People".
It says-

  • Everyone has two circles. In a circle, there are those things under our control, whose name is Circle of Influence. For example, you want to learn swimming, you can, or if you want to develop a skill, you can also
  • Other circles contain things that are beyond our control, called "Circle of Concern". For example, traffic congestion, an education system, our past events, etc.
  • According to this theory, the importance that you make on a circle is bigger than you.
  • If you focus on the opal of the Circle of Concern, then it gets bigger and you become a negative and responsive person. Because you have no control over those things you are focusing on and that you make or change
  • If you insist on the things that you can influence, you will become more intuitive and able to make positive changes in life.
  • Emphasizing the Circle of Influence will make you positive, hopeful and work-oriented in life.

How these circles can be used in our lives

  • If you get into trouble, do not get stuck in front of your control. Take a look at the things that are under your control.
  • Instead of exaggerating external things you can do, work according to your ability.


  • For example, if you do not get a job, focus on the Circle of Influence rather than concentrating on Circle of Concern - like market conditions, recruitment process, organization policies, etc. - and increase your port-profit for your job - your skills Increase professional network, cv, and eligibility.

Last word

Life plays a cruel game with us for a long time and puts us in a state that we did not think. In this way, we become frustrated, crushed, crushed and hopeless. We need to find a way to make our life better from this unlimited sea of uncertainty. Positive thinking in your daily life is the luminosity that will lead you to a better and stable future. Our life is a composite result of our decision. What we do today will be our future tomorrow. So accept some such attitudes or views today. Stand up against any problems. If you have a berth, then the dust of the dust shakes and stand up again. Stay ahead, make wise decisions, take good care of positive and positive things. We may have to accept limited disappointments, but do not lose immense hope.

That's all from me for today. You can also check out this series by clicking below


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