Banamali you are born my Radha

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Banamali you are born my Radha...............
Manasi Saha: Love loves to keep her affectionately loved by her. Is this 'love' just body? What is the name of the relationship between a man and a woman body 'love'? The sacrifice that I love gives the mind So lovingly, the person of love is called 'man of man' If so, why are so much objection to their love of 'love'? Why their 'love' is born The new name 'lesbian' in society. But in the words of the poet, 'the name that is called by the name of pink, it is a rose'. So love goes from loving it to a girl or a Lesbian. So, today their love fame wins recognition. In this happy day, take a stroll on this lesbian love lane.
Why are the yellow flowers, all are not red and blue is why?' He is growing a little bit in his mind-soul-spirit, in man's genius. But she is a woman in body. His struggle with himself constantly hiding himself. But one day under the call, the canal is covered with water. In the 'mirror water' of the spleen, chittagongsadara was born. A girl will fall in love with an unwritten rule of a son. Otherwise the danger is the danger. So spike hair, half-sleeved t-shirt, peek at the strong biceps, not to the heart of Hartthrub sky.

Ghataghati with old Kondundi:

People say that today's generation has become confused. What is the love of the girl-girl again ... As far as all the repatriation But you guys are a little wrong. Looking back over time, you will see love for gay sex in our blood. History says that before the birth of Jesus, there existed homosexuality in this genre. There is evidence of matches in different scripts and paintings. The only difference is that before they hide themselves, they have given themselves up and down with pleasure and sex. But today many are free voices. Learned to snatch away their wants. So this is not the distortion of the head of the generation. In fact, they learned to understand their receipt. So please do not blame this generation. After all the 'jin' talks.

This mortal life means only you ....

'There is no hope of immortality, there is no debate ...' lesbian love demand is really 'only seeking you'. So, forgetting the past and the future, the two women begin to walk together. Do not expect them to return to their families, nor do they have their own existence in the world. It is just love. This love does not know how many ways can be overcome Mathura When the Shyam bamboo will open the door of the closed door of mind The same way that the frame of gay love remained the same for thousands of years. The detention of people of hatred and hatred and mischief by four fame

However, 'Love' has never been afraid of the moonlight. So today, 'yes, there is no love for them.' Their love to be witness to Victoria, Banabitan or CCD from the field. All convictions that are canceled today.

He is sitting alone in a colorful dream in his eyes:

The two eyes dreaming in a big dark darkness. The mystery behind the mystery of the blue night turns out to her 'Priya'. Who knows, "Radha loves love or not Radha"? Priya bitten by the painful bhrama It is like looking for a nectar in the sea monument But one day, the songs of his mind were swaying in the air. Then there is love love rush. A love story begins A fight begins. The person who loves the weapon of war and the commander of the mind.When a new life was born in the love of men and women. Then the new 'Amir' was born in the love of two women. Someone cut off his girlfriend's hair, his long hair, no one or a sardine is in the body. Some people have changed their mind with nature and changed their body. Demands are only a little laughing at the partner's face, and love. So 'love' this lane is not easy.

Greetings today, their sky:

'Now we are independent in independent country. Finally we got the justice ' Canceled is Indian Penal Code 377 Homosexuality and crime is not from today! They have won their love. The Twitter site filled with greetings. Amnesty social media is moving out of celebrity 'Rainbow' flag. Today, this flag of the DP or again today. Twinkkle Khanna from Alia Bhatt, Brij Dhawan from Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan are exalted by Indian law instead. One thing in the face of all, "Today is a historic day for Indian judges".

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