Monkey life in the forest of Bangladesh

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Today I will talk about monkeys in the wild animals, I will tell about the life of the monkeys, today's blog about how I came from monkey animals.
photo taken me:@mdaminulislam
device:walton primo rh3
place:modhupur forest

Some friends, we went to the Madhupur forest, 60 kilometers away from our city a few days ago, there were some resorts in Madhupur forest, and there were some gardens.
As we enter the car in a garden park in Madhupur, there are numerous monkeys coming out of the four corners, they are thirsting for food and seeking food from us.
We were filled with a lot of monkeys around our cars, they began to roam around for food, came to us, peeked inside our car, then we saw their condition and then we had some cookies in our car and gave it to them.
After all, we gave all the food to the monkey, we did not have any food, they and monkeys were so much, we did not have enough food, how would we give so much food, they were very hungry.IMG_20180330_103225~2.jpg

At present, this is the condition of the animals in the wild, especially these monkeys, because the people of today are cutting the forest trees and the animals are lacking in food.
Therefore, every country should take care of these wild animals, make law on wild animals so that there is no torture to the people, without cutting the forest trees and making laws there, these governments should be looked after.
Every country's government should preserve wildlife.
Must provide adequate food for wildlife, while government eyes should be given.
All people should be at the same time beside wildlife, and cut off forest trees and save wildlife, if this wildlife and forest extinct, then our environment will be in danger in the future.
So let us all work together in order to protect wildlife and forests, and protect wildlife, aim at not being deprived of their facilities.
And I will tell the government of my country, of course you have to work to protect these wild animals.
And you must definitely support this writing, give me the opportunity to go ahead with support, and encourage me to vote and comment so that I can come forward with better writing in front of you, and I can work with steemit.
Everyone will be good,Thank you.

All the picture was taken by @mdaminulislam
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