4 This Country Offers Money Hundreds of Million Provided Marriage Its Citizens, Number 3 Neighbors Indonesia

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Dear Steemians

Having a happy family, and a lot of money is the dream of almost everyone. Because, if you have a lot of money, then the various needs of life, including household needs can be met. Unfortunately, sometimes not everyone can realize both.

Economic problems sometimes be a problem for a number of people who want to get married. They always hit the shadow of a variety of life needs to be twine, if they live housekeeping. So, there are rare some people are delayed for a family. However, it seems to be solved as they come to a number of countries.

Therefore, there are some countries that offers money hundreds of millions of dollars, if they want to marry their citizens. It was like uploaded by YouTube account fact real, August 14, 2017 ago.

That account call at least four countries that will give you a lot of money, if there are people who want to get married with their citizens.

1. Japan


Japanese society is typical of the people who love their work. Therefore, the time they are a lot of spent to work, rather than Foster household.

So, it is not surprising birth rate in Japan not too high.

Therefore, the Japanese government also play the brain, so that the growth of population in the country increase.

2. Russia


Russia also seem to implement policies unique about marriage. Because, Russia will provide benefits to the people who successfully married more than Russian woman.

Russian government are will give special facilities for men who want to polygamy, and have a lot of children. This policy is reportedly will soon realized in the near future.

3. Singapore


Neighbors Indonesia is also apply policy almost similar about marriage. Of Singapore will give you a lot of bonus for those who married, and have a lot of children. In fact, the bonus will continue to be given to the third child is born.

Not only that, pieces attractive prices will also be given for couples already had a son, and are looking for a place to stay.

4. Germany


German government will provide benefits for couples have children. These benefits will directly received the couple hose a few moments after marriage, and wife stated positive pregnant.

Money tens of millions of dollars will be given to those who are in compliance with a variety of terms of it.

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