"Just make the first step"

in life •  2 years ago

The problem of many people is that they want to have the ready path, and only after that hit the road. But there are different rules in the world. The road is formed only after you take a step. And though you do not see it completely, and you have only the darkness and unknown around... But you have the fire in your heart, which illuminates everything wherever you go. And you won’t understand how come everything will start lining up by itself. You can change everything around you; you just need to wish it, using courage and a burning fire inside you. And then the whole world will help you to go, you will see opportunities, and doors will open for you. You want to get a ready map, but in this amazing world there are no ready maps. Life does not fit any framework. Situations, places, signs, and people - everything can change at any moment, plans and schemes will never keep up with life. There is only one the most accurate map of the world and your life. And it is in your heart.

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Maxim! You say the truth!

Your writing is like poetry. Congratulations, not only for the ideas, but because of the way you tell them.

Very true words!

This is true. Thank you for the reminder @maximkichev - we all need it every now and then :)

True that. You create your own opportunities.

  • Other people might influence them, but unless you actually do the work, nothing will ever happen. ^_^