One sure way to die in 2018

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Yeah, what a way to start the first day of the year, eh? Franky, after a couple of decades, New Year will just be any other day. The sun still rises the same, it’s still 24 hours per person per day, politicians are still crooked.

Since everyone is talking about new beginnings, I thought a good way to be a maverick, is to talk about endings. Yes, let’s talk about how someone can surely die this year.

The Buddhists believes that the only certain thing is life is death; we just don’t know when or how.

But if you want a guaranteed way to die, it’s by not growing. Mentally, spiritually, intellectually. The day you stop developing yourself, is the day you started dying.

Look at the revolutions we have gone through over time - steam (wish I can say Steem), industrial, internet, and smaller but still significant changes like education, mobile and now, some say the blockchain. Just a short 15 years ago, we would laugh at the thought of talking to a piece of glass. Today, we finger it, touch it, rub it on our face, cry over it.

That’s the speed of change.

I was just telling @deborism how fortunate we are to have lived through two mega revolutions. If you have parents or grandparents who are born during WWII, that’s 3 revolutions! Imagine the changes we went through, subtle on a daily basis, but if we were to zoom out and look at it over a span of decades, the changes have created a dink in the universe.

A cousin brother once told me:

The world is changing everyday - it’s either we change it, or be changed by it.

In the centrepiece of it all, is growth - learning, the pursuit of knowledge, the exploration of unknowns, the cultivation of wisdom.

And in 2018, don’t just limit your learning to books. Not all of us a visual learners. Some are auditory, others are kinaesthetic. And if you are an auditory digital, it means you need to learn through reflections and processed information. If you want, take a learning style test here.

That’s step 1.

For Step 2, to solidify your learning, you need to teach it. You can either share it with friends, family members or colleagues, conduct workshops on it, record a video or podcast, journal it on Steemit even. All those input needs an output, and when you do, you easily 10x your understanding. And when you have emptied out your knowledge, there will be a void, and with the void, you will fill with new knowledge.

A few things about learning in 2018:

  1. It’s not a competition
    Screw those who boast about reading blah-blah-blah books a week/year. Good for them that they are fast readers, but the truth is in the pudding - applied knowledge becomes experience, evaluated experience becomes wisdom.

  2. Understand your pace
    Not everyone learns fast. Some of us have a steeper learning curve, and different skills come with a different sets of learning curves too. Have patience, and again, there's no competition.

  3. Start with something you’re curious with
    If you like to learn about the blockchain, start with that. Cooking? That’s awesome too! Fictional physics? Hey man, whatever works for you. Don’t pick topics that you would drag your feet to learn. Instead pick those that satisfies you, intrinsically and extrinsically. Pick something you can't stop talking about, and when you do see a new book or podcast or video on it, you would consume it immediately. That's how you know it's a topic of your interest.

  4. Set a time limit
    I like to think God is fair, and each of us are born with certain talents and inclinations. Some of us are just colourful with words, while others can picture the drawing before the brush even touches the canvas. Some of see sequences among codes, and some transforms junk into vintage pieces. But as you’re discovering what you’re good at, set a time limit, like 21 days, where you give your 100% at it. At the end of 21 days, if you’re not improving, or you are dreading it, then it’s time to evaluate your learning. Are you learning it wrong? Is this not your area of growth? Can you get a mentor? Or am I just quitting?

So let’s all live a great 2018, and heck, great many years to come. Days of growing, weeks of applying, months of testing, years of cultivating. And one day, who knows? What we’ve done would never die, and that’s when it becomes something else - legacy.

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Love the "killing" topic! Learning is indeed a life long process and project. We can't stop learning or we will be "dead".


Well, the title got you to click on it, eh?

Yes, learning is life long. I don't mind a slow learner (because I am one too), but I mind a no-learner!


The title and you got me click on it. 😁
No-learner is a NO No.

I totally agree with 'setting a time limit'. Without a time frame, our goal will only drag on to the next year.


Could be longer! There are so many things to learn, so we should work on skills that, well, we suck too much at. :)


please like me???

"Applied knowledge becomes experience, evaluated experience becomes wisdom" - This is very true @maverickfoo

Great advise Frankie! here's to growing in 2018!

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I like this article...really insightful. Hi Malaysian.


Hello there, fellow Malaysian! Welcome to the community! Jangan potong steem yeah? :)

Hy @maverickfoo
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I am agree with your all speech and you are a good person how help me to give my life a batter openion and you writing is awsome too.

buena analogia...!!


which languge is this????



Good advice Frankie! this to grow in 2018!

Upvote... Thanks... 😊

I keep thinking that tech is going to make some of us effectively immortal.

this is good

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Good lighting. Good rose

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A new year , a new star, everyone needs to learn some different , anothets topics , every day we still growning our mind

Great post @maverickfoo. I enjoyed reading it.

One little correction; 1 Steem is not 1 USD but quite a lot higher ;)

I also completely agree with the time limit mentality. However, some people may just be Jacks of all trades but masters of none, which is sometimes a blessing or a curse depending on the situation.

Resteemed, upvoted and following you :)

Thanks a lot @maverickfoo for this piece. This is one of the reason I love stepmother. Reading people's mind and sharing in there ideas. This is simply amazing.

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Excellent post good content for a change!

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Great post, full of information that we all know but many don't really stop and think about or engage in.
For some it may stir the imagination and bring about changes. Others may realise that perhaps they haven't really looked around and noticed what is going on around them. It may be a flash of inspiration.
All in all a good read.

New year wishes