Haters VS. Critics, and how l will turn them both into dollars...

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So, I'm discovering that...

One result of putting your thoughts/feelings/insight out there on a blog for all to see is that you will attract your fair share of critics.

Over the last couple months I've been on here blogging, and sharing those posts on my other social media. I've received an overwhelming amount of support in those endeavors. I have also received some criticism. You can read my last such exchange here.

TLDR Version:
A gentleman questioned my experience, insinuating that since he didn't know of me, I must be a hack. I told him that my first few years were as a freelance engineer part time (I was sixteen when I started, and had all sorts of things sixteen years old kids have going on going on.) He went on to tell me my article was amateurish, and off base on several points. I asked for clarification, In the form of point by point breakdown of what I missed. I was genuinely interested in his perspective. He never provided any further insight, and instead went on to tell one of my best friends that his tracks were garbage, again without ever providing a single reference of his own work. It turned into a shit show after that, to be honest.

I would love to write these all off as haters, as so far none of them have responded to my requests for point by point breakdowns of exactly what I got wrong In their opinions; but maybe they are just taking their time and writing super thoughtful and actually constructive responses...
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So that got me thinking...

We all know that actual constructive criticism is necessary for us to refine our craft. It's sometimes hard to take, but that usually just means it's all the more useful when we are finally able to absorb it.

And to be fair to my colleague in the above exchange, his initial point was a fair one. I haven't been FULL TIME for the entirety of the fifteen years I boast on my resume. In my defense, I never said I was full time the entire time: but still I consider the point to be valid and will be sure and clarify that on future posts.

That being said, I really didn't see anything else of value that conversation brought to the table. In fact, due to some of my hard hitting street homies being legit protective of their peeps, it got really ridiculous.

So the question...

Are the haters providing anything we can capitalize on?

The answer, of course is YES!

If constructive criticism is a guiding force, then hater-aide is a propellant force. If critics help me align my trajectory with my goals, then haters provide fuel necessary to reach those goals.

To further the analogy: if constructive criticism is the keel I use to steer my vessel towards success, then useless bashing from the haters it's just more wind in my sails to get me there.

We can get caught up In the self doubt these trolls delight in creating, or we can recognize that their vitriol is a product of their own insecurity, and move beyond it. I'm in the move beyond it camp.


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Sounded to me like he was just hating since he never gave you a run down of why it was so horrible... But I agree. I've used many haters opinions in the past to fuel my music. Those who said I couldn't do it and others who just plain made fun of me. In fact, I wrote a song here recently about how I was made fun of in school and the person it made me today! Great post!

Well said. Whatever your blog's subject matter, there is going to be a fair share of critics. Depending on the nature of their criticisms (hateful vs constructive), I choose to either respond or ignore. No big deal either way!

I found this funny and well written. F**k haters :P Because that which is most worthy of our hatred, is hatred itself.

Good ideas! I can't remember who said it but essentially they said something like... 'Any attention is good attention.'

So just let those haters do what they do and use their power to do what you do!

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Bro, u had my upvote at the panda pic. 🐼

I'd also like to know about the local steem music scene. Great post man. I'm in agreement: The haters can be useful if you have the outlook you have. Must be a constructive paradigm.


Also, thanks for the comment. I was all ready to accept the hard truth that an industry vet would lay on me, have a dark night of the soul, and write better tomorrow... Instead he just shat all over my work and my friends, and I actually felt cheated. I was ready to look inward, and get better. But instead he just provided a pile of arrogance masquerading as intellect... And I was like, damn, how am I going to turn that into steem? And then it hit me...


"turn that into steem" -- that sounds like a thing.

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Said that well great job. Love always

A very very good article that I'm sure many users can identify with.

Thank you for sharing this. Upvoted

I don't see any haters reading this quality blog :)


Thanks For the kind words friend!

Haters aren't smart people:
If you "hate" a person, a content creator, don't comment their posts. That will trigger loyal fans coming to the rescue and all these comments will boost the post. If you really don't like a person, ignore.
After that, you should reconsider the meaning of hating and the purpose of your life.

You keep doing you. The longer you are here, the higher your reputation will be here, and that goes a long way as far as people taking what you have to say seriously...Iknow the haters were on FB, but the same goes both ways on Steemit, as well.

I think after you revisited the initial project and broke it down into quantifiable phases, that it really helped a lot of people see what you are trying to do here.

Also, you will have some direct opportunities hopefully in the upcoming months to showcase those production and recording skills in action to a WIDE VARIETY of Steemians on the platform.

I figure once that sort of thing starts happening, this project will roll itself down the road, my friend.

I'm proud of you for being brave and putting those dreams out there. I'm not surprised you were bashed about them on Facebook of all places. That place is a toxic shit hole of death.

And you are very correct in the sentiment that, "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That"

"Steemwork Makes the Dream Work"

You've got this.

BTW: Sending another donation now to directly go to the project.

Gosh. I'm kind of at a loss for words... How does one even respond to real support? Not thoughts and prayers, but legitimate support... Wow. Now I'm all gushy. Thanks doesn't even begin to cover it...